Who I Am

Steve has dedicated his life to helping others reach their potential

The Difference


It’s rare to find a therapist who can take you in deep to where the core of the issue exists. Steve uses a combination of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy to do just that.  There are so many therapists out there, it can be difficult to know who’s best for you.  Steve stands out from the crowd because he can usually find the deeper cause of any presenting issue in a timely manner.  This allows a person to overcome an issue rather than ‘manage’ an issue as other therapists might offer.  Overcoming is about giving you the keys and the power to change your life.

“Steve, you’ve helped me more than words can express! I really feel changed, and it’s happened so quickly” – Karla Koulos

Steve has devoted his life to helping others. He is a therapist with compassion, insight and depth. He is always looking to assist his clients in the most empowering way he can, leading people to their own answers is more empowering than ‘telling’ them as many therapists may do.

Steve has trained for over 16 years and remains a stand alone therapist at the leading edge of psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and counselling techniques.  He is in tune with the people he works with and offers unique ongoing support as needed.

Every session includes some time spent talking, but the session would usually involve some deeper inner work. If  you’re ready for true, deep and often profound therapy then Steve is the one for you.

Some therapists will give you ‘coping’ tools and ‘techniques’, or a clinical diagnoses, even accompanied by a prognosis that you’ll have some ‘condition’ for the rest of your life, and probably need ‘medication’ for the rest of your life.

Steve doesn’t work in the realms of labels, which he feels can be very disempowering.  eg. Hi I’m Tracey, I’ve ‘got’ depression. Steve would put it differently.  Tracey is having an experience at the moment that’s sad and depressing, it’s because of whats happened in her past, but we’re working through that, helping her heal, leading her to wellness and help her find her spark once again.  In this way we have hope and are simply on a journey to wellness rather than being ‘stuck’ in something that’s perceived as unchangeable.

The truth is that many therapists don’t have the skills to find the deeper subconscious reason/s for current issues.  Steve will work with you to assist you to identify causes and overcome whatever issue you are facing.  He has worked in Geelong for 15 years helping hundreds of people find clarity and satisfactory outcomes. He has gained a great reputation as a therapist who is meticulously skilled in his ability to find the source of the problem and lead his clients through to empowering outcomes in a timely manner.

Steve will hold you as he takes you toward some old discomfort or pain you’ve been trying to avoid – which never works in the long run – suppressing the issue eventually leads to more chronic issues (mental, emotional, or physical) later on.

There are many advantages of working with Steve, he is holistic (looks at the bigger picture) and intuitive. He is not limited to any one therapy style but brings elements of hypnosis, and psychotherapy to the session.

Steve has a calm and confident demeanour, this helps people relax into, and trust the process. From the moment you make contact you’ll know you’re in good hands. In essence he supports or ‘walks alongside’ whoever he is working with in a collaborative journey toward a satisfying outcome.  Steve often makes himself available outside of session times for a text or quick call if needed, adding extra support to provide an extra degree of comfort for those experiencing a particularly difficult time.

Steve specializes in Anxiety, Relationship counselling, Depression and all psychological and emotional issues.

Steve lives a healthy lifestyle himself to ensure his energy levels remain highand vibrant which is important when he helps people to such depth of understanding.  He’s a therapist who walks the walk.  He regularly practices Yoga, Meditation and Qi Gong (all energy building practices) and eats ‘cleanly’ so that he is at his best for any person who walks through the door.

The main difference in working with Steve is his ability to work with subconscious as well as conscious mind.  Steve knows the power of the subconscious mind when it comes to healing and if the therapist can’t work on that deeper level then complete and lasting healing is rarely achieved. The subconscious is the key to deep healing and lasting positive change.

Steve creates a safe space for clients to go deep (while remaining fully aware) leading you to your own answers.

Couples therapy is a speciality of Steve’s, he is able to ‘get into’ each persons world and facilities a mutual understanding of one another’s world. Improving communication and understanding is essential as well as healing any past hurts and resentments, so that you can get back on track, back to being best mates and enjoying life together again.

fetime ofAnxiety is another speciality area for Steve, but he is not limited in any way and has helped people with all manner of issues.

“I have studied the conscious and subconscious minds for many years and feel confident I can help you find the deeper cause to your current issue or unhappiness. I look forward to starting work with you whenever you are ready” – Steve

*clients remain completely conscious throughout any psychotherapy and/or hypnotherapy session.

Steve Tibbits Psychotherapist
Steve Tibbits Psychotherapist -2

I felt a connection with Steve from the outset, and trusted his perception of my reality. His understanding of my feelings was palpable. Steve lead me down the path of healing and hope. I could not have connected with my life and future without his genuine intuition and therapeutic skills. My life has been transformed. I would HIGHLY recommend that other people take this journey and have the opportunity to live their dreams.

Judy Blake, Belmont

Thanks so much Steve, I cannot express how you’ve turned my life around through getting to the source of what was causing the pain.  It’s a powerful gift you have mate!  

Words cannot express how Grateful I am that we met you Steve, you’ve made a Very Big difference to this little family.  Thank You.

Mark Vergona, Sarah