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Relationship Counselling
Our Relationship with a partner is the biggest investment in our lives. If our relationship is healthy then life is generally enjoyable. But if our relationship has problems we generally feel unhappy or uneasy. Relationship counselling is one of the best things we can do for a healthy relationship. My
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Hypnosis for Anxiety and Depression
People displaying symptoms of Anxiety and Depression are the vast majority of people I see as a Hypnotherapist. Hypnosis for Depression and Anxiety is a very powerful tool. These illnesses are in almost epidemic proportions in today’s society and this has been a large focus of my work over many
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Hypnotherapy Geelong
Hypnotherapy Geelong is the new way forward. Question:  Why has Hypnotherapy become so popular in recent years to overcome all manner of personal issues ? Answer: Because it’s so powerful in it’s ability to get behind the symptoms and find the cause of any issue you might be facing. In
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Psychotherapy for Anxiety
When I was suffering Anxiety I began a search to not only alleviate the symptoms but to overcome them.  Anyone who has suffered Anxiety knows the sickening, knot in the stomach, tension and gripping fear that can take hold in the midst of daily life. When it comes to dealing
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Depression and Anxiety Treatment and Help Geelong Melbourne
Depression and Anxiety Treatment has been until recently the realm of psychologists and pscychiatrists, psychology is the main form of recognised therapy for people who have Depression or Anxiety.  Yet psychology is a limited practice, it is generally limited to working with the ‘conscious mind’, and if no satisfactory outcome
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Psychologist for Depression and Anxiety
I’ve been working in the field of helping people overcome Depression and Anxiety for over 10 years and in my experience there has been a significant increase in people arriving in my office suffering from symptoms of both Depression and Anxiety.  And a Psychologist for Depression and Anxiety may not
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Reflexology for restoring wellness
Reflexology is an ancient Chinese practice,  it is a therapy focusing on the feet which has recently enjoyed a surge in popularity as a modern holistic therapy to relieve pain and stress.  Areas on your feet correspond to different parts of your body, and massaging them stimulates your parasympathetic nervous
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Hypnosis for Anxiety
Anxiety is a disease of the modern lifestyle. Work, family, friends, business, life can often happen at a hectic pace with little down time. This leads to a feeling of always catching up and never really being on top of things. The result; Anxiety. What is Anxiety?
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