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Hypnosis for Depression
When thinking about the most effective treatment for Depression, using Hypnosis for Depression might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Many people aren’t aware that Hypnosis is actually one of the most successful modalities for treating people who have depression.
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What causes depression?
Why is Depression at all time high in society today ? Is it because of a fast-paced and hectic lifestyle these days? So many stressful situations to deal with ? expectations, deadlines and responsibilities? Failure, not meeting goals. Perhaps some, or all of all of these factors...
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How to deeply heal with psychotherapy
People often ask me “what’s the difference between Psychology and Psychotherapy ? My answer is always the same. The difference is Depth. Psychology (generally) works with the conscious mind whereas psychotherapy works with the conscious mind and...
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Hypnotherapy to overcome Addictions
Addictions….When we think of addiction we think drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, but addictions also cover things like coffee, sugary drinks and cakes, chocolate, we can even be addicted to another person, prescription medication, or a certain lifestyle, running etc.
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Relationship Counselling in Geelong
Relationships are the most important part of our lives. Relationships with others form the foundation for our experience of wellness and feeling loved and valued. When the important relationships in our lives are challenged in some way it’s difficult...
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Quit Smoking in Geelong
If you’re ready to quit then the most effective way for long term freedom is Hypnotherapy. Smoking is a drug of dependence, sure it doesn’t have the same extreme withdrawal symptoms as other heavier drugs but there are still withdrawal symptoms if...
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Rescuing the Female
My work as a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist here in Geelong is largely around rescuing the disempowered female. Let me explain. There are so many women out there who have given their power away in some way to others in their lives. Usually it’s to an external male.
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