Anxiety is a disease of the modern lifestyle. Work, family, friends, business, life can often happen at a hectic pace with little down time. This leads to a feeling of always catching up and never really being on top of things. The result; Anxiety.

What is Anxiety ?

When using Hypnosis for Anxiety I will lead the person into a deep state of consciousness toward their past experiences or upbringing to find the source.   Anxiety doesn’t just happen. Anxiety can be created in all manner of ways.  Eg.  if we had a father who had high anxiety there can be a ‘taking on’ of that energy or way of being.   Anxiety Hypnosis tends to be very successful in helping people overcome anxiety no matter how it was developed in the first place.

As children we are ‘conditioned’ without realising it.  We take on many of the traits of our parents without being aware of it.  In therapy I often see this, where the father or mother was highly anxious or overworked and the client is presenting with the same behaviours and associated issues. This helps the person understand how they developed the anxiety in the first place and gives context and understanding, and can help ‘undo’ the mechanisms, ways of being, belief systems or whatever keeps the anxiety in place.

One of the major ways anxiety is created is through a damaging relationship where there is abusive. This abuse can be in the form of emotional, psychological or physical abuse.  A really common example is where a child isn’t provided with a positive, nurturing or caring environment.  Children exposed to a negative environment can often develop anxiety at a very young age and this anxiety continues into adulthood.

Anxiety Hypnosis can be a very successful treatment for people who have had long or short  term issues with anxiety.

Hypnosis Treatment for Anxiety

Hypnosis anxiety can consist of a number of different Hypnotherapy interventions. Including regression. Which as mentioned can take a person back to the time when the anxiety first became evident or was created (the triggering event, series of events or lifestyle).  That way the person can re-experience the traumatic events or the neglect or whatever caused the anxiety in the first place in a way that ‘empties’ out the charge.  This is an extremely powerful tool and experience for the person.  With compassion and understanding we can overcome the issue.

In some cases there isn’t a clear initiating event or experience.  Where the person has experienced the anxiety for as long as he/she can remember with no identifiable cause (in some instances the anxiety can be developed before birth, while still in the womb if the birth mother experiences anxiety or a traumatizing event).

By using hypnosis anxiety can be treated much more effectively than with most other therapies.  The main reason for this is because with hypnosis anxiety can be followed to it’s subconscious part.

Parts therapy is another extremely effective hypnotherapy technique that is used in treating anxiety disorders.  In parts therapy we lead the person into a specific part (eg. the beaten housewife part,  even though the marriage ended years earlier, so did the beatings the ‘beaten housewife’ remains an egoic part and is still very traumatized from the events of the past and not allowing the person to get on with their lives.  With the use of hypnosis anxiety can be greatly reduced and often overcome completely by working with the traumatized part.

Our Clients Progress

Can hypnosis help anxiety ?  Case studies have shown that the vast majority of people coming in for hypnosis have vast improvements in the first session and can actually overcome anxiety altogether without the use of medication.

I’ve helped hundreds of people overcome anxiety in my practice.  Some client’s display huge improvements after just one session of hypnosis. This is because it is perfectly suited to overcoming anxiety.

Some clients arrive asking for counselling but I recommend hypnosis as a more direct and effective way of treating anxiety.  I often hear them ask “Can hypnosis help anxiety?” and are surprised to hear the success rate of hypnosis treatment of anxiety.

Many clients have expressed their relief at knowing the source of the anxiety, and with more work they can recognise the thoughts related to the anxiety and reduce the intensity of the anxiety and eventually overcome the symptoms by dismissing the thoughts. Once the thoughts have been worked with in a conscious way the emotional component can be worked with.

With Hypnotherapy the therapist can help the client experience the energy, or emotion directly. For example many clients experience a tightness in the stomach or chest. When this is connected with using the breath it can be reduced significantly.  And subsequent ‘attacks’ of anxiety can be dealt with using consciousness and awareness.

One recent client just realised a lifelong pattern was affecting all current relationships. As a child she’d been made felt responsible for problems in the marriage. This manifested as guilt in all her relationships.

How can I help you ?

The reason I became a hypnotherapist was because I used to suffer from anxiety myself. My own search for freedom from anxiety led me to several therapists and modalities.

After seeking help from counseller’s and psychologists (without success) I went to see a hypnotherapist.  The first thing I asked was “hypnosis for stress and anxiety ?  does it really work?”, the therapist looked at me with a smile and simply said “yes, it’s very successful in treating stress and anxiety”.

The session was very different to what I’d experienced before. And it was extremely successful, by the end of that very first session my inner world changed, and I knew I’d found a style of therapy that would lead me out of the forest of fear that is anxiety disorder.

So having gone through my own experience of stress and anxiety I found that hypnosis for stress and anxiety was really effective for me and thousands of others, in fact hypnosis for stress and anxiety was more effective than any other treatment I’d explored.

Today I help many people overcome anxiety (and stress) using the hypnosis techniques I’ve learnt over the years. Each person I help is individual and the hypnosis techniques can be adapted and even evolve to help those seeking deep and permanent freedom from anxiety.

Call to Action

In finishing if you are suffering from any type of anxiety I’d strongly urge you to make contact with myself or another well qualified and experienced hypnotherapist and make an appointment today.  I provide Skype sessions so you can contact me from wherever you are. You can email me on or text or call 0414 586 910 to make an appointment.  It’s honestly the best money you’ll spend. I look forward to hearing from you soon.