Relationships are the most important part of our lives. Relationships with others form the foundation for our experience of wellness and feeling loved and valued.  When the important relationships in our lives are challenged in some way it’s difficult for us to remain feeling good about ourselves or our lives.

The issues

Many couples tend to drift apart at some stage of the relationship because of the differences between them. Relationship counselling is about helping each party understand the other parties world (point of view, perspective, wants, needs and fears).  Many of us go straight to ‘judging’ the other persons position (we usually tend to judge what we don’t understand), and we create the idea that ‘I’m right, you’re wrong”, but this only tends to further the distance between a couple.

Resentment begins to form because when the other person doesn’t ‘hear’ or ‘listen’ or is not understanding then anger (resentment) is the usual result. This increases the gap between the couple.

The solution

It is my role as a couple’s therapist to bring people together.  To do that I have to acknowledge the hurt and frustration, often giving this a voice and allowing the other person to hear the issue (the hurt, the anger etc.) in a neutral way (not taking it personally). In this way each person can ‘vent’ or get something off their chest, or speak openly and honestly (perhaps for the first time in years).  This is extremely healing for both partners.

Together we explore all issues and search potentials for overcoming these to regain the love that exists between the couple, so that the couple can connect and establish a more satisfying relationship again.

If you’re looking for relationship counselling in Geelong Steve Tibbits has a vast amount of experience and has helped many couples work through presenting issues.