My work as a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist here in Geelong is largely around rescuing the disempowered female. Let me explain. There are so many women out there who have given their power away in some way to others in their lives. Usually it’s to an external male. Usually their partner, but can be their father or brother or a child.

For so many females I meet in therapy they feel disempowered and dissatisfied with life in some way. They usually have this feeling of there being more to life or having more freedom. Many females feel trapped in their current relationship or simply want more freedom within the relationship. Much of my work has been around helping them achieve this outcome.

I feel like I’m in a very unique position as a male therapist because I have a very good understanding of the male world, how males operate and why they behave as they do. I’ve also been very interested in the female world. The basic difference is the focus of the two sexes. One focus’s on thinking, achieving and outcome, the other focus’s on feelings, connecting and the journey (rather than a destination).

When a female is given information and understanding about the male world it starts to give her the ability to unravel the ties and binds of the past. I’d be happy to discuss your situation if you feel you’ve lost your power in some way.