Supporting EVERY client EVERY step of the way, from where they are to where they want to be

I had been to many, many therapists before, but from the very beginning it felt like this is where I need to be. I have worked through many issues, experienced lots of different emotions and I never felt rejected or judged. Steve allows you to express yourself completely and he brings through a lot of Love support and guidance. Each session truly felt like a clean slate, and I learnt to feel completely safe. Steve never gave up on me, ever, even though lots of times I felt like giving up. Shall be eternally grateful. Love

Gemma Venn

Truly Life Changing. Thank you.

Sophie Johnstone

Steve, I cannot thank you enough. When I started work with you I was in a dark place, there was lots of negative self talk. With your guidance and support I have become much more positive and am feeling some Joy for the first time in a long time. I am falling in love with life again. Thankyou for your wisdom!

Tracey Davies

I had been to see many therapists previous to Steve. But from that very first session I could tell Steve was different. From that very first session the relief was almost instant.  I would HIGHLY recommend Steve to anyone seeking insight and permanent positive change.

Kaylene B

With Steve’s guidance I have worked through a lifetime of learnt behaviours, faced and dissolved old fears and I now react to challenges with a new understanding.   Spiritually I have become more focused and disciplined.

Cheryl Tyndall

Can I please just say thank you before anything else. I can’t thank you enough for the changes you have made in my life. You are a very wise, caring man with so much knowledge to offer people. I’m definitely not in that horrible place that I was in when I came to see you a month ago.

Janet Ewin

Steve provided a comfortable, safe environment to achieve some groundbreaking Spiritual Advancement amongst a group of loving, supportive people.

Ben Gibbons, Warnambool

The experience exceeded my expectations, such an intense, pure, surprising and out of the comfort zone experience that opened a new part of myself! A must to anybody who looks for peace, joy, love…or themselves. It’s the greatest gift you can give to yourself and the people around you.

Ilana Gorovoy, Caroline Springs

A somewhat confronting weekend for me. However I was amongst gentle, caring people and in a beautiful and peaceful setting.


A weekend of pure self indulgence. I have felt so much on this weekend, my spirits have gone from despair, fear and confusion to acceptance and calmness.


These classes offer increased opportunities for personal growth along with deep feelings of wellness.

Lynda Harding, Torquay

There are many meditation centres in Geelong but none quite like this one.

Tracey Davies, Belmont

It was a beautiful thing. Thank you for allowing me, without judgment, to express myself through laughter, tears and movement as we journeyed through the fear, the pain and ultimately into love and joy

Jo Oldaker

I felt heard, really heard, perhaps for the first time ever. That alone was a deeply moving experience.


Steve created an atmosphere of safety and trust; and assisted me to access old, tired behaviours and replace them with more positive, empowering beliefs about myself. After many years of searching, I have found permanent change which will benefit me for life. I highly recommend Steve to anyone who is ready to grow and move forward.

Linda H

I felt a connection with Steve from the outset, and trusted his perception of my reality. His understanding of my feelings was palpable. Steve lead me down the path of healing and hope. I could not have connected with my life and future without his genuine intuition and therapeutic skills. My life has been transformed. I would HIGHLY recommend that other people take this journey and have the opportunity to live their dreams.

Judy Blake, Belmont, Victoria