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“I’d seen Psychologists, Psychiatrists and others for years. I was about to give up hope… then I met Steve. He’s truly a gifted therapist” – Katrina

Therapy with Steve

It’s rare to find a therapist who can take you deep into the core of your issue to achieve truly profound and lasting results. Steve is one of those rare people with just such a gift.

“In just 1 session and with very little context we had some great results, in fact I’d say the results for me personally were profound. Steve is insightful, holistic and has a wealth of experience. I felt comfortable, relaxed and understood. Therapy with Steve is different, and has a real and instant impact on people’s lives, it’s what we’ve all been seeking” – Ainsley

Steve Tibbits - Natural TherapistClients regularly have profound experiences with Steve. This is because of the personal depth which Steve can take a client into. With any issue there are layers, some therapists can get to the surface layer, to provide temporary relief, whereas Steve can get to the deeper layers and parts that hold the keys to personal transformation. He can often get to the core of the issue with very little context or information required.

So many issues are triggered by current situations or circumstances but originate somewhere in our past, a deeper core issue which, when understood and released can be profound and transformative. (Until then we are ‘managing’ the same feelings for years)

“Psychologists, psychiatrists, I saw them all, always with the same outcome –mild relief then back to the same issue, nothing helped. Then I met Steve, we went in deep and found some answers, and that changed everything” – Brooke D

Steve is dedicated to becoming the best therapist he can be. He is constantly updating his knowledge and deepening the techniques and knowhow he uses to such positive effect for so many clients. He’s worked hard to become the therapist he is today. He searched and found the latest, and best (psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and counselling) techniques, to assist all who are ready for positive change.

His training and skills compliment his personal qualities. He’s a relaxed, confident, warm and welcoming therapist. Connecting with each person, to create a solid foundation for every therapy session he facilitates.

Many therapists create a clinical relationship which can feel cold and disconnected. Steve creates a therapeutic relationship that’s real, open and integrous. Where healing is a collaborative effort. Steve is truly invested in your wellness and will walk beside you for as long as that takes.

“I enjoy the relaxed way he conducts himself in our interactions and in the sessions, helps me feel more comfortable in opening up, like I’m talking to a very wise, non-judgemental friend, who helps me feel at ease. Rather than psychologists, who in my experiences have made me feel uneasy, who don’t relate as openly, make me feel judged at times and have that cold professional demeanour”. – Annie

Steve can often find the deeper root cause of any issue in a short period of time. Getting to the deeper core provides a more rapid, and permanent outcome. Relief can happen at the first session, even when it’s been there for a lifetime.

“50 years of Anxiety, the wound up ball of tension in my stomach, and it’s gone.! It’s like a miracle.!” – Phil

If you’re looking for a therapist who has integrity and depth, to help with anxiety, depression, addictions, weight issues, relationship problems, self esteem issues, negative thought patterns or any other life difficulty Steve is the one for you.


If you’re looking for a quality Hypnotherapist in Geelong, Steve is a therapist with industry reputation, and integrity. He’ll help you find a rapid solution to any problems you have.

Steve has over 12 years experience in the field and brings a depth of knowledge, and wisdom that is rare. He has earnt a reputation as a therapist with great understanding, depth and integrity.


Steve has a great reputation in the area, he’s been helping people with all sorts of issues for over 20 years.

He loves using Hypnotherapy with his clients because it can get to the deeper places within the psyche and subconscious to unlock previously unknown keys or memories or perceptions that can literally change a person’s life.


Steve Is Not Your Average Therapist…

Steve has lived a rich and varied life, having many challenges and experiences throughout. This provides a great basis for the work he now does. The challenges enhance Steve’s ability to connect with his clients. So that rather than having learnt his trade through textbooks he truly embodies having learnt through life’s experiences.  This helps with having compassion and understand for others who are facing some really challenges time in life.

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