Relationship Counselling

“We’ve had the most amazing 3 hours of talking, listening and connecting which we haven’t done since before we were married” – Janet

Our relationships are so important, they are sacred and such a valuable part of our lives.
Therefore, we need to be careful who we hand ourselves over to. It takes a very skilled therapist to facilitate a relationship therapy session. A person who is able to connect with both people in the relationship. Providing validation and value for both. A person who is not biased either way, and who can provide a space where both people feel heard, validated and respected within the process.

Steve has a skill in connecting with people, he knows both ‘worlds’ (mars and venus) and is often able to help one party to understand what the other is experiencing (taking the Martian to Venus-they are very different places !).

The most common issue Steve comes across is a breakdown in communication. This can happen for a variety of reasons. When communication breaks down it leads to disconnection, hurt and resentment. This is often the experience of people Steve works with.

“My husband had never lasted in Therapy. But Steve connected with him in a way that he felt understood. He has this skill where he holds us both somehow, so that we both felt heard and validated and in this way he helped us understand one another and communication improved. Thankyou so much. It’s such a relief” – Claire K

Steve is passionate about helping couples find that inner spark again, a return to the more satisfying relationship of years gone by. The road back to connection and satisfying relationship is not always easy, in fact it can take great willingness and commitment by the parties involved, but the results can be simply wonderful for those who have been hurting for so long.

Relationship therapy is an invaluable resource for couples of any age. Whether you’re in a long-term relationship, or at the beginning of one, relationship therapy can offer advice, support, and guidance to help you through the complexities and challenges all relationships present.

“It’s like I’ve got a new girlfriend, it’s like we’re meeting for the first time. I’m looking forward to getting to know her and spending quality time with her. We have lots to discover together. To understand deeper elements about one another. I’m excited, so excited. Your guidance has brought out true love feelings like I never knew even existed within me. You have helped us rediscover the meaning of love and understanding” – Noel

It’s often difficult to work through things ourselves because of the minefield we often face. Triggering old issues, hurt or an emotional response, leading to anger, frustration or an argument can be worse than the discomfort of not saying anything at all.

A key for the therapist is to help the couple grow their understanding of each other and learn how to better support each other throughout their relationship.

Relationship counselling provides a safe, impartial place for couples to discuss their issues. They can go at their own pace and talk about whatever they’re comfortable talking about, and any topics that may be difficult to discuss in the presence of their partner can be discussed in a private session where issues can be worked through and a solution found can help the partner connect more deeply.

Steve has a lot of experience in holding the relationship and allowing the process of healing and reconnecting to occur. look at from different perspectives. It’s also important to remember that it’s not all about solving problems, sometimes it’s about old hurts from past relationships (or childhood) getting triggered. Or it could be about unravelling some unhealthy patterns that have formed.

Steve enjoys this part of his work. He says nothing more satisfying than working with a couple and helping them find the way back from the brink of crisis or relationship breakdown. It is some of the most intense, and deeply satisfying work he does.

Past experiences can affect current relationships. Often a person can be negatively affected from past relationships, such as family dynamics leading to a feeling of lack or unlovable (no matter how much the other person tries to show them they are loved).

Steve is passionate about helping couples with whatever they face, whether that’s simply improving communication, dealing with resentment or some unprocessed hurt, a behaviour or a relationship crisis. Wherever you’re at Steve will help you to get to a better place.

He has a great reputation as a therapist who can bring a couple’s back together, to a more loving place, even from the very brink of a breakdown.

“If there is a way back, Steve will help you find it” – Daniel

Dealing with the hurt, improving communication and connection is the most important thing in any relationship. We start where you are, and map the way back. We deal with any issues or problem by working through it, sometimes compromise, sometimes processing an old hurt, helps us move toward a new chapter, or sometimes a new book in the relationship. Sometimes parts of the old relationship need to die off to make space for a new way of being together.

It’s an option for the person who is motivated to improve the relationship to come in and have a chat to steve. Especially if the partner is hesitant. Steve can always help with ways to encourage the other to open to the process. The sooner you book in the better it’ll be for you and your relationship.

To enquire further or to book your first session simply press the button.