“I’d been to many therapists and so-called Professionals. Steve was the first one who did not judge me. I felt safe and understood. I’ve come a long way since seeing him. It’s Amazing what he does” – Michael

Providing Insight, Guidance and Support through difficult times.

Steve has a great track record at helping people move through personal or relationship challenges. He’s been providing assistance and guidance to people for over 20 years with great success. As his experience grows so does his ability to assist others in a really practical and effective way.

The difference you’ll get with Steve is his ability to connect with, and understand the issues you face. Many people have expressed how confident and safe they’ve felt having Steve’s support. Right from the start you’ll know you’re in good hands.

“Thank God for Steve. He came highly recommended and I understand why. He could see me, and the situation perfectly. He came in and guided me to a place of empowerment I’ve never quite experienced in my life. I add my voice a growing number highly recommending Steve as a Therapist who has such clear insight and vision. Incredible” – Felicity

Steve is passionate about helping others, he’s dedicated his life to this role and as trained extensively to become the therapist he is today.

Perhaps even more helpful than his academic training is his life experience. Steve is a therapist who’s lived such a full and rich life. Having had overcome many challenges himself puts him in a unique position. Steve knows adversary, and he knows how to overcome it.

Therapy is conducted in a safe, supportive and professional manner. You are his absolute focus during a session. He’ll assist you in the best way possible to reach a satisfactory outcome in the shortest possible time.

Steve is an intuitive and holistic therapist who will work with you in a collaborative way to assist you through the problem to find the outcome you desire. He’ll walk beside you through the process and be there for you every step of the way.

“Thanks for an amazing session this morning. I can’t wipe the smile off my face. I’m so full of energy. You are the best” – Ellie

Steve can hold the bigger picture while listening to the detail, holding the space while you unpack whatever is needed to resolve the issue and create the positive outcome you desire.

Steve feels extremely confident in helping any person, with any problem because of the extensive experience and training he’s done. With a kind smile and a supportive word Steve will help you through whatever challenge you’re facing.

“Connecting with a person in the therapy process is the most important thing. To connect is to understand a person’s individual experience. This is key to helping a person have a transformational therapeutic experience, it provides a great outcome for the client” – Steve

Steve has a gentle nature, but also a strong presence. He is somebody who understands issues and does not judge. Someone who can remain impartial while telling you what you need to hear, to help you toward your most empowered self as soon as possible.

“Thankyou for holding the space, without judgment as I moved through my pain to eventually find the way out of it” – Joanne C

The difference is in the depth. Steve is a highly experienced well credentialed counsellor who has so many other skills to offer. He’s worked with couples, children, teenagers, males, females, and with so many different and varying issues.

An advantage of choosing Steve is that he can bring his psychotherapy and hypnotherapy skills to the process if needed. This means you get the benefit of 20 years of experience and the many techniques and tools he’s developed over those years.

What to expect?

When you walk in you’ll be greeted with a warm welcoming smile. You’ll sit in a comfortable, warm room and settle into the space. The session will unfold in whatever way that’s comfortable for you.

Steve has a great way of helping people feel comfortable throughout the process. He’s very easy going and relaxed and this helps his clients feel relaxed. Sessions can progress at your own personal pace. If you’re wanting to get down to business and straight into a deeper dive, Steve can accommodate for that. But if you need to take it a little slower Steve can accommodate for that as well. Whatever you require to help you with your process will be provided.

Steve’s clients know he’s one of a kind, a highly skilled therapist of great Integrity. Many of Steve’s clients come through word of mouth. When you’re this good at what you do word gets around.
As mentioned Steve’s training in psychotherapy helps deepen the counselling session, providing details and insights other counsellors may not have the skills to provide for the person, so they can miss critical details.
Choosing Steve as your therapist will ensure you reach a satisfying outcome in the shortest possible time. From the moment you meet Steve you’ll know you’re in good hands.