“Psychologists, Psychiatrists, I saw them all, with the same outcome – some mild relief, but back to the same, nothing helped. Then I met Steve, and immediately we went in deeper and found answers that changed everything” – Brooke D

Psychotherapy is the most effective form of therapy available today to help with a range of issues. A skilled psychotherapist can get to the core of the issues where true understanding is found. So that a satisfying outcome can usually happen far quicker and far more effectively than with many of the traditional choices such as counselling or traditional psychology. Having a deeper understanding of an issue allows a person incredible insight, often leading to self-empowerment and sometimes truly transformational personal change.

“I’ve been to plenty of therapists. It is rare to find a therapist doing the work he is doing. He goes to great lengths and great depths to help” – Kylie

Steve has helped hundreds of people over 20 years working in the field of psychotherapy. It’s common for Steve to have clients who feel they’ve tried everything, and within 1 session he will lead them to the underlying (subconscious) cause of the problem. Steve has a skill of finding the underlying issue and dealing with it at the deeper core level. With Steve as your therapist you’ll know you’ve come to the right place.

“I had my first session with Steve and I feel like a different person, I can’t explain it. I just feel so different. The issue i had been struggling with for so many years just seemed to ‘lift’, it’s gone..!!! I feel invigorated, like a new person. It’s a miracle really! He is truly amazing” – Kylie

Choosing a Therapist is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in life.

It’s rare to find a therapist who can take you deep into the core of your issue to achieve truly profound and lasting results. Steve is one of those rare people with just such a gift.

“Steve is absolutely fantastic. From the moment you meet him, he has a soothing energy that automatically connects to you. He has a way with people that I found very easy to open up and go deep quickly. I highly recommend Steve, he has a wealth of knowledge and I look forward to further sessions with him as I already feel that the healing will go to the core which is so important”. – Mweshi

Psychotherapy is the use of psychological means to help a person change and overcome problems. Psychotherapy aims to improve an individual’s well-being and mental state, to resolve or overcome troublesome behaviours, beliefs, compulsions, thoughts, or emotions, and to improve relationships and self-esteem.

Psychotherapy is about improving personal wellbeing, moving from a place of worry and anxiety or depression to a place a feeling of inner calm and personal empowerment.

“Have you ever felt like seeing a psychologist/counsellor was clinical, a lot of time spent explaining and just feeling like maybe the practitioner was not really invested in your outcomes? Steve is different, I am SO grateful to finally feel like the search is up and have the guided healing I need. In just one session with very little context or background he was able to make a real impact. Steve is insightful, has a holistic approach, comes from a wealth of experience and certainly makes you feel comfortable and understood. There are no cumbersome hurdles to get to see him, has flexible time-slots and is at an easily accessible location. I hope this review helps to spread the word of just how wonderful, different and results oriented I have found my experience to be thus far”.- Ainsley

Psychotherapy is so effective because of the depth at which it takes place. It takes people deeper than most, into the subconscious, (it has the advantage of working with conscious and subconscious parts). The subconscious is the most powerful part of a person. Even when the conscious self ‘thinks’ it knows what’s going on it’s the subconscious that holds the key to personal transformation. The subconscious is where personal beliefs, thoughts, issues and old unprocessed emotions and experiences are suppressed. With Steve’s help and guidance you can explore any problems or patterns in more depth, exposing them and often finding their origin, and create positive change at the Core level.

The advantage of working with Steve is that he has so many tools (strategies, interventions and techniques) at his disposal. The techniques Steve uses are completely natural and extremely effective for overcoming all manner of personal issues and problems.

“I’ve been to plenty of therapists. It is rare to find a therapist doing the work he is doing. He goes to great lengths and great depths” – Kerry

While some therapists are limited to that one modality Steve can call on many skills in the sesision. Steve’s testimonials and client feedback speak of the difference Steve provides. Many of whom had been to psychologists, psychiatrists and counsellers, only to find they were going over the same thing and not really making progress. This is because many of these traditional therapies simply can’t get to the underlying cause of the problem.

Steve has a skill that very few therapists possess. He was born for the role he plays for so many people. Steve has an special ability to find the underlying issue and deal with it at that deeper core level, meaning you don’t have to keep managing it for years, or rely on medication (or addictions) to try to cope.

Some therapists will help you ‘manage’ an issue. While Steve loves to let his clients know that managing is only something you do on the way to overcoming and being free of an issue.
Steve helps people deal with and overcome all sorts of issues, from anxiety, depression, work related, confidence, relationship problems, addictions, childhood trauma, whatever you’re looking for help with Steve feels confident of being able to help.

Psychotherapy is about improving personal wellbeing, overcoming issues such as excessive thought forms and worry, and replace that with a feeling of inner calm and empowerment. Psychotherapy takes people deeper than many other therapies (mind therapies) into the subconscious (can work with both conscious and subconscious self).

“I recently met with Steve and l would highly recommend him to anyone. I found him to be very professional, kind and supportive. He has developed a wealth of knowledge over many years of research and lived experience. I found the session to be life changing and incredibly beneficial. I also felt very comfortable and supported throughout the session. Thank you very much Steve for making time to see me at short notice. I can’t thank you enough and l look forward to our next session” – Marty

The subconscious holds the key to personal transformation, this is where underlying beliefs, thoughts, issues and old emotions are held, with Steve’s guidance you can look at any that are causing problems, we can see how some of the old conditioning or personal lack / negative beliefs are preventing you from living your best life.

The advantage with Steve is he has so many tools at his disposal, including strategies, interventions and techniques find the right pathway to wellness for you. The techniques Steve uses are completely natural, and proven for overcoming all manner of personal issues and problems.

Steve has 20 years’ experience working as a psychotherapist. He can also call on his other training as needed (such as hypnotherapy or energy work or counselling) to ensure you have the highest level of assistance possible as you journey to your best self.

“Over the years, I’ve never connected with a therapist/psychologist the way I have with Steve. He has me diving deep, getting straight to the root of problems and then softly guiding the healing process.
I love his spiritual approach and knowledge when I ask for it, providing me with a different/higher understanding of situations. I know that’s not for everyone (don’t let that stop you from booking!) and it is not his main approach in sessions. I enjoy the relaxed way he conducts himself in our interactions and in the sessions, helps me feel more comfortable opening up, like I’m talking to a very wise, non-judgmental friend and who has lots of positive praise. Rather than psychologists, who in my experiences have made me feel uneasy, who don’t relate as openly, make me feel judged at times and have that cold professional demeanour. Steve is worth every penny and I am so grateful that I found him” – Annie D

Steve will gently guide you to where you need to go and to what you need to look at. Often clients arrive at Steve’s office feeling disillusioned because they’ve been to so many different therapists without satisfaction. From the initial meeting and first session you’ll feel the difference. It’s a relaxed, calm but powerful field you’ll enter, where your wellness is the highest priority.

Steve has a very calming presence and a strong and confident demeanour. He is here to provide support and help and will call on all of his training, strategies and techniques along with his own personal wisdom developed over a lifetime to assist you to reach the outcome you desire. The insights clients receive in that first session often provide instant relief from some worry, anxiety, trouble or grief they have been experiencing. He is a proactive and intuitive therapist and will help you find a satisfying solution in the shortest possible time.