“This guy works miracles” – Judy T
“It’s really just so powerful” – Anna N
“It’s amazing what he does” – Ella B
“Fantastic, Wow, Thankyou” – Ivor S
“Steve, you saved my life” – Barry S
“The best I’ve felt in my life” – Michael T
“He really packs a punch” – Gail M
“It changed my life” – Annie D

“I spent 6 years with a psychiatrist, and the suffering continued. I just had 1 session with Steve and Wow, he released the pain I’d been feeling all this time. The difference feels incredible”

“Psychologists, psychiatrists, I saw them all, with the same outcome- some mild relief, then back to the same, nothing helped, then I met Steve, and immediately we went in deeper and found answers that changed everything”

“Steve I wanted to tell you it truly is amazing your work. I have not even had a come down, sleep routine is 100%, no cravings for the drug at all. You’ve given me the strength to beat the monster. Thankyou and I’ll see you next week”

“I’d been to psychologists, and psychiatrists, and a hypnotherapist for 8 months. But not one of them could help me. Then I met Steve and my life changed”

“Wow, Amazing, I’ve never done anything like that before, it was so deep, a lot of things make so much more sense now”

“I had been to see many therapists previous to Steve. But from that very first session I could tell Steve was different. From that very first session the relief was almost instant. The work he does is truly Amazing”

“I had been to many, many therapists before, but from the very beginning it felt like this is where I needed to be. I have worked through many issues, experienced lots of different emotions and I never felt rejected or judged. Steve allows you to express yourself completely as he holds a space of Love, Support and Guidance. Each session truly felt like a clean slate, and I learnt to feel completely safe. Steve never gave up on me, ever, even though lots of times I felt like giving up. Shall be eternally grateful”.

“Thank God for Steve. He came highly recommended and I know why. He could see me, and the situation perfectly. He came in and guided me to a place of empowerment I’ve never quite experienced before. I add my voice to those highly recommending Steve as a therapist who has such clear insight and vision. Incredible”

“It’s difficult to explain how it feels. The difference it’s made to my life is just amazing”.

“This is the best I’ve felt in my life. Not sure what’s going on”

“What he does is incredible, just amazing”

“He’s a very wise man. He explains the dynamics of the relationship and I can’t work out how he does it but he’s ridiculously accurate”

“50 years of Anxiety, the wound up ball of tension in my stomach, and it’s gone. It’s like a miracle”

“That one thing you said at just the right moment, it changed my life”

“The session was amazing. I can’t wipe the smile off my face. I’m full of energy!! Steve is the best there is”

“30 years of addiction to alcohol, he turned it around in 3 weeks”

“Inspiring, powerful, life changing… so grateful for Steve!”

“Wow, he really packs a punch. He takes you in deep, and questions old beliefs and ways of being. He helps you tap into your inner strength… it’s like having a super secret weapon on your side, it’s truly empowering!”

“Finally someone who actually gets it, seriously. I felt like there was something wrong with me. This is such a relief!”

“I’d been to many Therapists and so called professionals. Steve was the first one who did not judge me. I felt safe and felt understood. I’ve come a long way since seeing him. It’s truly amazing what he does”

“With Steve’s help I’ve worked through a lifetime of learnt behaviours, faced and dissolved old fears and I now react to challenges with a new understanding. Spiritually I have become more focused and disciplined”

“Can I please just say thank you before anything else. I can’t thank you enough for the changes you have made in my life. You are a very wise, caring man with so much knowledge to offer people. I’m definitely not in that horrible place that I was in when I came to see you a month ago”

“I felt heard, really heard, perhaps for the first time ever. That alone was a deeply moving experience”.

“I felt a connection with Steve from the outset. His understanding of my feelings was palpable. Steve lead me down the path of healing and hope. I could not have connected with my life and future without his genuine intuition and therapeutic skills. My life has been transformed. I would HIGHLY recommend that other people take this journey”.

“Steve is absolutely fantastic. From the moment you meet him, he has a soothing energy that automatically connects to you. He has a way with people that I found very easy to open up and go deep quickly. I highly recommend Steve, he has a wealth of knowledge and I look forward to further sessions with him as I already feel that the healing will go to the core which is so important”.

“Have you ever felt like seeing a psychologist/counsellor was clinical, looked a long road ahead, a lot of time spent explaining and just feeling like maybe the practitioner was not really invested in your outcomes?
Steve’s service is not like any other I have ever tried, I am SO grateful to finally feel like the search is up and have the guided healing I want. In just one session with very little context or background he was able to have a real impact. Steve is insightful, has a holistic approach, comes from a wealth of experience and certainly makes you feel comfortable and understood. There are no cumbersome hurdles to get to see him, has flexible time-slots and is at an easily accessible location. I hope this review helps to spread the word of just how wonderful, different and results oriented I have found my experience to be thus far”.