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Psychotherapy for issues

Psychotherapy for issues

As a therapist I use Psychotherapy for issues with clients…
hypnotherapy for lasting change

Psychotherapy for depression

Depression has become one of the most common illnesses in society…
Hypnotherapy for lasting change

Hypnosis for Anxiety and Depression

People displaying symptoms of Anxiety and Depression are the…
Depression and Anxiety treatment

Depression and Anxiety Treatment and Help Geelong Melbourne

Depression and Anxiety Treatment has been until recently the…
psychologist for depression and anxiety

Psychologist for Depression and Anxiety

I’ve been working in the field of helping people overcome Depression…

Hypnosis for Depression

When thinking about the most effective treatment for Depression, using Hypnosis for Depression might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Many people aren’t aware that Hypnosis is actually one of the most successful modalities for treating people who have depression.

What causes depression?

Why is Depression at all time high in society today ? Is it because of a fast-paced and hectic lifestyle these days? So many stressful situations to deal with ? expectations, deadlines and responsibilities? Failure, not meeting goals. Perhaps some, or all of all of these factors...