Insight, guidance and support through difficult times

Steve provides professional assistance and guidance in resolving personal issues or relationship problems. He has over 16 years experience building a reputation of a highly skilled therapist of great Integrity.

Steve is passionate about helping others and has trained extensively over many years.  Therapy will be conducted in a supportive, professional, and confidential manner.  Steve is an intuitive and holistic therapist, able to hold the bigger picture while assessing relevant detail to help empower you. Steve feels extremely confident in assisting his clients to overcome any challenge they face.  This is partly because he’s also training in psychotherapy which deepens the counselling session, providing details and insight other counsellors may not have the skills to find.

During a session Steve will listen intently, allow you to express the different parts of you fully so that he gets a good understanding of the problem.  He will provide feedback, guidance or any suggestions as required. Choosing Steve as your therapist will ensure you reach a satisfying outcome in the shortest possible time.  From the moment you meet Steve you’ll know you’re in good hands.

Relationship Therapy

Steve enjoys this part of his work. There’s nothing more satisfying than working with a couple and helping them find the way back from the brink of some crisis or relationship breakdown.   It is often about communication and disconnection.  Steve has a very good reputation in this area of his work, brining many couples back to a more loving relationship.

“If there is a way back Steve will find it” – Daniel

To book a session call or text Steve directly or fill out the contact form and Steve will get back to you asap (usually within a couple of hours).

Counselling Geelong
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Steve guided me on a journey from Loneliness, Anguish and Despair to a new and exciting passion for my life, no longer fearing rejection – such a freeing experience.! I felt a connection with Steve from the outset, and trusted his perception of my reality. His understanding of my feelings was palpable. Steve lead me down the path of healing and hope. I could not have connected with my life and future without his genuine intuition and therapeutic skills. My life has been transformed. I would HIGHLY recommend that other people take this journey, an opportunity to live their dreams.

Judy Blake, Belmont

Unconditional love, guidance and support is what i have experienced with Steve. At times challenging, Steve has empowered me to peel away layers of old limiting thoughts and belief patterns. Through counselling and meditation I have grown spiritually. I will forever be grateful to Steve for guiding me to love and light.

Meri Santro