The subconscious holds the key to change

In short Hypnotherapy is the most powerful form of therapy available for creating deep and lasting positive change in so many areas of life.  The conscious part of us is only the tip of the ice-berg and certainly doesn’t help us overcome debilitating thought forms and patterns, obsessions and addictions or worrying tendancies. This is why Hypnotherapy is much more effective than other forms of therapy that work with conscius mind alone (eg. seeing a counseller, psychologist or psychiatrist). The only other therapy that works in a similar way (to get to deeper unconscoius beliefs and issues) is psychotherapy (which I also provide).   

Hypnotherapy is used to create positive change at a subconscious level to create new responses, thoughts, attitudes, behaviours  and this leads to different inner feelings. Positive change in your wellbeing is my goal and in most cases this is achieved quite rapidly.

The key to creating any lasting positive change (empowerment) is through finding the deeper often hidden underlying cause of the presenting issue.  From this viewpoint we can see that smoking is simply a symptom or coping tool for a deeper underlying imbalance.

Hypnotherapy is extremely successful for issues such as addictions, anxiety, depression, weight loss, negative thought patterns, grief and loss etc. All those issues and more can be successfully treated and overcome through the use of hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is completely safe and it may surprise you that a person undergoing hypnotherapy is completely conscious throughout the session. Steve is simply there to guide the person to a deeper state (called hypnogogic, the state reached just prior to sleep).

It may also surprise you to know that Hypnotherapy is not only extremely successful for the traditional areas its known for such as weight loss or quit smoking it is great for any area of life where you seek positive change or improvement.  Such as working with anxiety (Hypnotherapy is wonderful in treating anxiety), or depression, improving public speaking skills to improving your parenting skills or golf swing. It’s versatile and highly successful.

Your subconscious is the most powerful part of you.

An example of whats going on at a deeper level could be someone who ‘comfort eats’. This tells us that some internal ‘part’ needs ‘comforting’. Hypnotherapy can help us get to the deeper part that needs comforting and help change that part at that level.  If we feel fantastic we no longer comfort eat.

Steve is dedicated to helping you understand and overcome any issue you face. The cause of which sits deep inside of you. Steve will work collaboratively with you, supportive you every step of the way until you reach your desired outcome.

To book a session simply fill out the contact form or call/text Steve directly, or, if you prefer (if you’re not  ready to book a session just yet) you can use the contact form to give Steve a brief summary of what you need help with and Steve can provide some initial suggestions and guidance to help you initially until you’re ready to come in and get some help. 

Hypnotherapy Geelong
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Well I did it four times. The first trip was the worse and the next 3 NO trouble. !! I am wrapped. I will go on the train again next week I think. Maybe just to prove to myself I can. Thanks you so much for your help. It’s much appreciated. I feel a new person as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Bring on those tunnels I say Haha!!!!

Sandra Cations

I just want to thank you for guiding me to let go and heal from what I have experienced in my life. I had no idea how much I was holding onto and how detrimental this was to my being. I feel like a big dark cloud has been lifted from me, and that I am finally in the light again. It was a very emotional experience for me in our sessions, however I felt safe, nurtured, cared for and honored for which I thank you. You are a very special man with amazing gifts that you help people with so unconditionally. I would recommend anyone with problems to go to you for help and healing.

Denise Haffenden