The answers you seek are within you

Before reading on I’d like to make you an offer that may meet your initial needs.  I feel so confident that the therapy I can provide will meet your needs that I’ll offer you a full One hour session for just $50, you can take advantage of this offer at any time. So you can read on, or simply contact me straight away to book your session ( I can’t guarantee how long this offer will last). *First time clients only.

Psychotherapy is the use of psychological means to help a person change and overcome problems. Psychotherapy aims to improve an individual’s well-being and mental state, to resolve or overcome troublesome behaviours, beliefs, compulsions, thoughts, or emotions, and to improve relationships and self esteem.

Psychotherapy is about improving personal wellbeing so that you start to feel an inner Joy, Love and contentment that hasn’t been present for whatever reason. Psychotherapy takes people deeper than many other therapies (mind therapies), psychotherapy can guide people into their deeper (inner) world where underlying beliefs, thoughts, issues and emotions exist.

Steve uses a variety of strategies, interventions and techniques that aim to change the inner reality in a very positive way. These techniques are extremely beneficial for overcoming all manner of personal issues and problems.

Steve has over 10 years’ experience working as a psychotherapist and has helped many people either improve or overcome issues  such as anxiety (and phobia’s), depression, relationship issues, addictions, anger, grief, loss and much more.

It is Steve’s role to help you identify the underlying problem and change that so that positive change happens in the outer world.

Steve will gently guide you to where you need to go and to what you need to know. Often clients arrive at Steve’s office feeling disillusioned because they’ve been to so many different therapists without satisfaction. From the initial meeting and first session clients often feel the difference. Steve has a very calming presence and a strong and confident demeanour. He is here to help and will call on all of his significant training and life experience to assist each person to reach the outcome they desire.  The insights clients usually receive in that first session provide almost instant relief from the worry, anxiety, trouble or grief they have been experiencing.

He is a very proactive and intuitive therapist and will help you reach a satisfying outcome in the shortest possible time.

To book a session simply fill out the contact form or call/text Steve, or, if you aren’t ready to commit to a session you can use the contact form to give Steve a brief summary of what you need help with and Steve can provide some initial suggestions that could help support you until you’re ready to book a one on one.


Psychotherapy Geelong
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It’s so hard to put into words just how much Steve has helped me. I’ve been attending psychotherapy sessions with Steve for around 11 weeks now. At that time I was living with anxiety and had no brightness within me. Steve has helped me understand my subconscious. With each session we have been able to understand the reasons behind old patterns, work with the feelings and thoughts then clear them! I can truly say I am much more confident, believe in myself and feel so much lighter and happier. I am so grateful for all of Steve’s guidance and my new found inner strength and empowerment.

Raquel J, Lara

I felt tired, resentful and anxious. I was lacking energy, passion and focus. Steve assisted me in identifying and releasing many disempowering thoughts and beliefs, he helped me discover and nurture the gifts I had within me. I now know that I have choice, I take responsibility for my life and I’m creating the life I was destined to live.