Best Hypnotherapy in Geelong

Best Hypnotherapy in Geelong

It’s the question that can save you time and money…. where can I find the Best Hypnotherapy in Geelong.?   I’m a Hypnotherapist myself so I think I can help you find the answer.  Let me share a little background.  I didn’t arrive as a hypnotherapist via the usual pathways.  I had a very adventurous journey, and personally experienced many of the issues that I now help my clients through.  Eg. Addiction (to help deal/cope with life), Negative thought patterns, Low self esteem, Repeating life patterns, depressing thought forms and making poor choices (need I go on).

By the time I was 20 years old I knew I was passionate about helping others but didn’t quite know how to do that.  Especially seeing as I felt so troubled myself in so many ways. It was then that I read these words somewhere “Healer, Heal thyself first”.  This was the first of many light bulb moments where it felt like some higher being had spoken so clearly and was providing some kind of divine guidance.!


The Problems


Most of the problems we experience as humans do not come from the external world (the things that happens to us).  The trouble comes from our perception of those things and the meaning (and power) we assign to them.  In short the real trouble is not ‘out there’, the real trouble is ‘in here’. The real trouble we have is our own mind.  Most of us are at the mercy of our ‘inner world’, the world of thoughts, images, ideas, beliefs, thought forms, perceptions etc.

Our inner world can become clogged with lots of negative thinking, so much so that it appears our mind is like an out of control and can’t be tamed.  Many of my clients share experiences of  not sleeping well or waking during the night and not being able to get back to sleep because of these thoughts.  And I know, I’ve been there.


Healing thyself


So how do we heal ourselves ?  Well, that’s a bit of a Journey, Hypnotherapy can be a crucial part of the healing process.  My own healing Journey included Hypnotherapy as a critical element.  I was relieved when I first attended a hypnotherapy session. Because suddenly I was experiencing something that seemed to get in deeper. I was astounded by the power of this Therapy in comparison to other therapies I’d tried (including Counselling, Psychology and Psychiatry).

The powerful difference is that Hypnotherapy provides a window to the subconscious, whereas other therapies generally work with the conscious mind alone (which can be very limiting).

So where can you find the best Hypnotherapy in Geelong ?

Hypnotherapy is the best therapy in Geelong



In my own search for wellness Hypnotherapy was a pleasant surprise because it got deep to where other forms of therapy. Providing insight and relief that hadn’t been available through the previous years searching for relief.  Hypnotherapy works because it accesses the most powerful part of us, our subconscious.  It’s the subconscious that we need to work with if we are to experience deep lasting change.

You can google Hypnotherapy and find a variety of therapists. I became a Hypnotherapist many years ago because it was a way to use my passion to help others in a meaningful way.  My name is Steve Tibbits, and I work differently to most hypnotherapists, because I incorporate some techniques other hypnotherapists do not. These techniques are derived from my own experience and years of training as a Psychotherapist (which also works with deeper subconscious parts).   So I have taken what I’ve learnt through Hypnotherapy training and using it to help find, understand and release all sorts of old hurts (which form the basis of addictions, self loathing, negative thought patterns and beliefs).

So where do you find the best hypnotherapy in Geelong ?  I can’t say for sure because I don’t know who else is out there and what sort of work they are doing, but here’s something to consider.  I had a phone call from an older man, in his early 70’s. He started smoking when he was 10 years old. So for 60 years of his life he’d been addicted to nicotine.  He called me up on the recommendation of his doctor. He told me he’d been to a hypnotherapist a few months earlier who guaranteed his clients would quit.  I asked how he went, “I lit a smoke 2 hours after that session” he said, then followed it up with “So do you reckon you can help me?”.  Me being me I thought it would be a good challenge. “I’ll give it a go” I said and we arranged a time to meet up.

When we met up something became clear to me. This man had a very strong ‘sceptic’ part of him that simply didn’t believe it was possible. that after 60 years it simply wasn’t possible. So the work we had to do became clear. This man’s biggest problem was a very strong belief that he ‘couldn’t give up’. And this is what that first session focused on. subsequent sessions and homework between sessions started giving him confidence that he could, with work, quit.  It was the 4th session that he arrived in the office with a big grin and tears in his eyes. He almost couldn’t believe it but he’d gone the whole week without smoking.

I asked him for a testimonial, and this is it “This man performs miracles”.

I use a combination of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy with my clients.  This is more powerful than hypnotherapy alone, and seems to provide a basis for really profound and powerful healing.

“I couldn’t believe how powerful that first meeting with Steve was. I’d been to lots of therapists, but had experienced nothing like that before” – Judy

Best Hypnotherapist in Geelong

How it works ?


Often people ask me ‘how does it work ?  or what will happen during a session.  It’s always tricky to answer because as a hypnotherapist I know that every session is different. And the places we may explore will be different from person to person depending on past experiences, belief systems, degree of trauma, addictions to work through or weight issue they are working with.

It’s important for clients to hear that they remain conscious the whole time during a session. I simply guide my clients toward the deeper subconscious world. It’s like we’re bringing the light of the conscious to the dark of the unconscious.

I usually don’t have a plan or any pre-conceived idea of what might unfold in a session. This openness allows for an intuitive, client led experience rather than a therapist controlling the session from some theoretical training or going by what happened last time.

The session could go in another direction to the one the client had in mind. eg. a client may come in for weight loss but the real issue is an unresolved childhood trauma. So firstly we work with and release that old issue.   As a therapist I’m interested in healing at a deep level so that symptoms  reduce and eventually diminish.

Some clients may have issues requiring regression (going back to early childhood experiences). Other clients may simply have one ‘part’ (archetype) causing the problems, eg. The Rebel archetype “I started smoking to stick it up mum and dad, I knew they hated it, and that felt good at the time”.

Hypnotherapy is the best therapy in Geelong

Hypnotherapy provides depth


Most other forms of therapy are based on talking and providing strategies or tools or techniques to help ‘manage’ the issue. Progress can be painstakingly slow and often medication or referral is suggested when the therapist gets to a point of not knowing how to help the person move through the issue. This is because many therapists simply aren’t equipped with the training and ability to go to the subconscious cause of issues.

But using hypnotherapy we can go deep into different parts of the person. For example, if someone is holding internal anger toward his parents many therapists would talk about this.  But using hypnotherapy we can get the person to close his eyes and connect deeply, genuinely connect with the anger and allow that anger (the angry part) to express itself. Being allowed to do this without judgment is a powerful thing.  This can help people release vast amounts of repressed tension.

The best hypnotherapy in Geelong is here now. My clients share many wonderful stories about how Hypnotherapy has changed their lives.

Hypnotherapy is the best therapy

Hypnotherapy  versus Psychology ?


As mentioned earlier the best form of therapy is deep, penetrating therapy that can access the subconscious parts of the person. Otherwise it’s like we’re blindfolded trying to find an answer, wondering, guessing. Hypnotherapy is the best therapy because it goes deeper, beyond the mind and into the unconscious. Making the Unconscious Conscious. !

Psychology is generally limited in its ability to truly find the deeper answer. This is why clients often turn to medication when the therapist can’t help, because how else will they be healed ?  (medication generally doesn’t heal anything, it masks, and has it’s place in the healing process but ideally deeper healing can occur with a skilled therapist who can provide that deeper clarity).

Best Hypnotherapy photo

So if you’re looking for the best Hypnotherapy in Geelong I can’t guarantee it’s me but I’m confident I can help with whatever problem or issue you’re dealing with.  Give me a call today and lets get to work 🙂

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