“Helping you to the place you’d love to be… creating the best version of yourself along the way” – Steve

A good life coach is not only a person you should be able to trust, he/she is like a mentor, a person who has a vast knowledge of a vast range of life issues and challenges. Someone who has no biases or strong opinions (judgements) of any situation. Eg. We’ve all met someone who holds an attitude that all men / women are untrustworthy (because of some past personal experience). Even the same even can be experienced differently through different perceptions. Eg. One woman’s husband left her suddenly, she was devastated. Another woman’s husband left suddenly and she couldn’t be happier !!! (We all have differing experiences of a situation depending on the detail of the situation).

Steve has been a coach and mentor for many people over the years. Some who have been seeing Steve for years regularly, and thriving as a result.

A good life coach is someone who has the skills to help you in the short term, especially in times of personal crisis, but can also help with the bigger picture choices you need to make along the way.

Steve is an ideal person for this role because of several reasons. Steve’s own life has been one where from a young age he’s faced personal challenges. He knows well that overcoming challenges lead to growth and empowerment. He brings a lifetime of rich personal experiences and having overcoming the large range of challenges and difficulties puts him in a unique position. Perhaps most importantly Steve is a person who is thriving as a result of the life he’s lived and the philosophies he lives by.

Steve is also someone who can help at a deeper level. Let’s face it, life is going to throw up challenges, but what if these challenges are more about who you are as a person, your inner world as much as what you’re facing. Steve is a psychotherapist who can bring a wealth of experience to help you overcome any inner hurdles as they arise along the path.

“Thankyou Steve, I will definitely keep this up, I need you, you listen and don’t judge, you are such an amazing soul” – Janette

Life is rarely predictable and rarely goes to our exact plans. Sometimes we feel on top of the world, we’re in the flow and everything is going our way, while at other times we can’t do anything right, we’re rowing against the stream and the whole universe is plotting against us. Steve can provide perspective at all of these times, steadying the ship when necessary and helping us make hay while the sun is shining.

It’s such a comfort and relief to have someone in our corner. Someone who is always available, at a moments notice, to answer a question, provide some guidance, or support as needed. A person who knows you and your story well. A person who is on your side, who will walk beside you through the most difficult times.

“The deep realisations Steve helped me toward have been life changing” – Kim

Steve has seen hundreds of people over the past 20 years. Amassing an incredible archive of techniques and strategies to help you through any difficulty or challenges.

Perhaps you are one of the people interested in a deeper, more growth orientated life, interested in becoming the best version of yourself. It’s a long term investment, a fascinating process as we explore ourselves and life in this ongoing, awakened way.

Coaching with Steve can be a profound experience. One that can have an incredible impact on your life

“Growth is about seeing hardship, challenge or difficulty as the stepping stones showing the way to a better version of you and ultimately to an incredible version of life” – Steve

It’s an incredible gift we can give ourselves to employ the assistance of a life coach.
If you want to become a great swimmer you’d employ the help of a great swim coach, or piano coach. Steve is a fantastic Coach, leading an approach to life to facilitate personal breakthroughs along the way. Reaching all your personal goals.

What does a life coach do? How can they help me?

A good life coach (I emphasize ‘good’ here) should be able to assist you in almost every area of life, from the little things to making major lifetime decisions. A good life coach should not be ‘opinionated’, but rather open minded, not feeling he has the answer to all the questions, but be guided by the person in front of them, using a lifetime of wisdom to enhance the ability to find positive solutions and ways forward in a spirit of collaboration.

Having positive outcomes and reaching goals helps everyone around you, as you transcend old ways of being and step into more positive and empowered version of yourself.

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“Success comes from being authentic, and being authentic requires getting real and flushing out the issues, negative thought patterns or limiting beliefs which block us from taking the next step”

– Steve