Finding a Counsellor in Geelong is easy.  Finding a good counsellor Geelong is more difficult.  So how can you tell the difference, there are so many, all with different marketing strategies and seemingly good at what they do? or are they?

A good counsellor not only has qualifications but ideally has vast life experiences to back them up.  I once went to a counsellor who looked down at a page while he asked me a series of questions, hardly looking up as he filled out some chart in front of him. He eventually looked up and said proudly, from what you’ve told me you’re a type B personality.!  Oh, great I thought, that tells me a lot, what about my issues..!  It was at that point that I was looking for the door.

Many counsellors simply can’t relate to or connect with their clients and the issues they present. Because a lot of counsellors learn their craft at school.  But for me, life has been my biggest teacher. I’ve watched carefully as the lessons have been presented and worked through each challenge as it has arisen.

When I meet a new client for the first time I’m instantly interested in what their experience is, what’s their inner world look like, are they confident, do they have low self esteem, is there anger in their world, are they giving their power away by blaming the world or others in some way for their problems. So many factors present, all providing key elements to allow me the map to wellness for them.

Good intuition and an ability to empathize, along with good life experiences. That’s what makes a good counsellor.  Call me today for a discussion about how counselling might help you.! Steve Tibbits, counsellor Geelong