People often ask me “what’s the difference between Psychology and Psychotherapy ?   My answer is always the same. The difference is Depth.  Psychology (generally) works with the conscious mind whereas psychotherapy works with the conscious mind and the subconscious.

Psychology literally means ‘the study of the human mind and it’s affects on behaviour’, whereas a definition of psychotherapy would be ‘the study and the conscious mind and it’s subconscious components’.

A good psychotherapist can help you go deep into past memories, memories that have been buried or conveniently forgotten by aspects of the psychological schema.  This means the memories lay beneath our conscious awareness, but still affect our life in some way.  An example might be someone who keeps getting into abusive relationships while sabotaging positive relationships.

Case studies over many years have led to the conclusion that lasting freedom can only come through a comprehensive and thorough investigative approach that includes subconscious components (past memories, feelings, experiences).  Once the underlying issue/experience is known and bought to conscious awareness it automatically ‘de-energizes’ and a feeling of lightness and relief is often experienced by the client.

A mentor once told me “the issue is never about the present, it’s always the present ‘triggering’ a past experience”.   Observations over many years have confirmed this.  All present pain is because of past ‘activating event’.  An example might be having been laughed at in front of the class at school when in grade 1, and present experience of anxiety when considering presenting in front of work colleagues etc.

So in finishing I’d like to encourage you to do 3 things.

  1.  Start to consider that all of your current behaviours, patterns and issues are because of past traumas and events.
  2. That psychotherapy is THE most effective way of dealing with these and finding ongoing relief.
  3. (this is the most important one); Call me for a session so we can stat to uncover where your issues stem from. So you can start to have a wonderful (ongoing) experience of wellness.

Skype sessions are available if you’re not local (just as effective as being in the same room).