Hypnotherapy is associated with quit smoking and weight loss but is also a therapy that can help with other problems and issues.  Using Hypnotherapy for lasting change makes sense because true change comes from working with the subconscious and changing old conditioned behaviours and beliefs. There is no better therapy to achieve this than hypnotherapy.

How Hypnotherapy works

Hypnotherapy works with the subconscious mind. This is why it is so powerful compared to some other forms of therapy.  Most other forms of therapy work with the conscious mind alone.

Studies show that only 5% of our mind is conscious, while 95% is unconscious. When you think of that you can see the importance of bringing the subconscious into the therapeutic process.

The issues we face have their origins in the subconsoius. Eg. We love to dance as a youngster but it makes Dad uncomfortable so one day he yells “STOP dancing!!” in a very angry voice (I’ve had several clients with this issue), this anger shocks us, and creates a fear charge, we don’t like it when Dad yells.  In that moment we contract and some part of us makes a largely unconscious decision to not do that again. As the years go by that moment in time gets further and further away from our conscious awareness.  So that when we are older we have this inability to dance, we don’t know why, we just know “I don’t like dancing”.

A good Hypnotherapist is able to get to the root cause of most issues using hypnosis, once the root cause is found the charge (eg. The fear of Dad’s anger) can be emptied out (discharged) and freedom from the issue is often the result.

Hypnotherapy for addictions

hypnotherapy for lasting changeThe classic use of hypnotherapy is to deal with addictions (such as quit smoking). Hypnotherapy for lasting change is perfectly designed for this because it can change the person at a subconscious level so that they can finish the habit and never want to take up the habit again.

Most people initially try to quit an addiction using the conscious mind alone. This is almost always unsuccessful because the conscious mind is not as powerful as the subconscious. The subconscious holds the key to true transformation.

The subconscious is a powerful ally, but a formidable foe.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss

Weight loss issues can be dealt with effectively using hypnotherapy because we can change the deep subconscious relationship with food.  For some people who experience underlying issues food is used as a comfort to ‘dull down’ the effects of or whatever is happening in thier lives.

Hypnotherapy for lasting changeWhen anything that doesn’t feel good the conscious part of us (the personality / ego) does it’s best to help. So it finds something to dull down the energy, it reaches for food, sex, alcohol other drugs, medication, late nights in front of the TV, gets addicted to Facebook or gaming.

But turning to Hypnotherapy for lasting change is a much wiser way to go because we can then go deeper than conscious mind (which usually has no idea) and into the subconscious (which has all the answers) and find out what’s going on at that deeper level.

I’ve seen many clients who’ve come in for weight loss, only to find that when they begin to lose weight they start feeling grief. When we go deeper in we find some past event (loss of a loved one, loss of love from a parent), once we find that initial grief and get past it the weight easily falls off.

Hypnotherapy for other issues

Hypnotherapy is one of the most powerful forms of therapy available. Because it is one of the few therapies that works with the deep subconscious where all the answers to current experiences can be found.

Only when we reach and work consciously with the subconscious can we overcome life long debilitating thought patterns, belief systems and behavoiurs.  In my 12 years as a therapist I’ve worked with almost every issue imaginable. I bring other modalities into the therapy session where appropriate eg. Psychotherapy. But it is Hypnotherapy that is used as a specific tool for specific deep subconscious issues.

Relationship issues are born of underlying fears, resentments and attempts to control the other person.  These behaviours are there because of subconscious hurt, rejection or abandonment issues.  If we were not valued as a child you can guarantee we’ll look to our partner to prove to that inner part that it’s valued and this leads to more issues.

How to book your session for Hypnotherapy for lasting change

If you feel any resonance to anything written here and feel Hypnotherapy for lasting change is the way to help you overcome some issue in your life please contact me and we’ll make an appointment time. I provide hypnotherapy in Geelong and also provide Skype sessions. It’s affordable, safe and non-intrusive and contrary to some beliefs the client remains conscious throughout the entire session. I look forward to hearing from you so we can look at the fastest method to help you overcome whatever issue you’re facing.

Check out some of my other articles or call or text me on 0414 586 910 to book a session. Hope to be helping you soon.  Warm Regards, Steve