When we think of addiction we think drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, but addictions also cover things like coffee, sugary drinks and cakes, chocolate, we can even be addicted to another person, prescription medication, or a certain lifestyle, running etc.

In my work with clients over many years one thing has become clear. All addictions are hiding a deeper underlying pain, trauma or unsettled aspect of the self.

So when someone comes in for quit smoking we explore the reason for smoking, and we usually find some underlying anxiety, depression, low self esteem etc, and the smoking actually helped the person to not ‘feel’ that underlying unsettled feeling. (The only problem is it keeps coming up, so more cigarettes required..! ).

So if we just take away the smoking without any deeper psychotherapy work the person starts feeling the underlying issue (starts feeling more anxious, troubled, depressed, traumatised or unsettled in some way. Without dealing with the underlying problem the smoking can come back or another addiction can take it’s place (we’ve all known people who quit smoking but started putting on weight!).
*The underlying energy seeks release, not suppression, but the ego seeks to suppress because the underlying energy (emotion) doesn’t feel good.!

Medication only masks the issue. With hypnotherapy (and psychotherapy) I take the person into and clear the old trauma, when we do his the smoking (or other addiction) falls away naturally without great effort.

All addictions are the same, they are all masking some underlying issue.

There are many parts to us all. One is called the Addict. Some people’s addict is relatively inactive, other people’s addict is highly active and self destructive (eg drug use, excessive alcohol consumption etc).

Do you turn to comfort food to cover stress or an underlying lack ? Do you turn to alcohol after a stressful day, do you have cakes or sugary ‘treats’ to help you feel better. If the answer is yes there is a better way, a way to truly Love yourself rather than abuse yourself.

I’ve helped many people overcome all sorts of addictions through helping them get to and heal the underlying cause of suffering. (Many people create that they can’t afford therapy but then spend thousands of dollars a year on their addictions. So in essence they find a reason to not heal, and justify continued self abuse. Interesting what we invest in. The ego is VERY clever hey.!)

I’m here to help you or anyone you know to overcome any addiction or other issue you’re having difficulty with.