Peace exists within you, let’s journey in to find it

Steve runs meditation classes on Thursday evenings in Belmont. Steve can cater for beginners through to more advanced meditators. Everyone is welcome. Each night is unique and caters for those present.

These nights consist of more than meditation alone. The nights are designed to explore deeper aspects of our inner worlds, we explore spirituality, soul consciousness, break up for group discussions or focus on a particular issue for the evening.

We often break up into pairs and share a healing (there are usually a few Reiki Masters present but it doesn’t matter if you’ve never done any reiki or training as a healer, we’ll help you with a little guidance on the evening).

It’s amazing to connect with other like-minded souls, this alone creates an atmosphere of love and higher energies abound.

Steve likes to offer teachings to those present. There is only one God (Creator) but many expressions of that energy. We explore many of these expressions, including archetypes and karma.

Give Steve a call if you’re interested in joining us for a journey of the soul. You’ll be welcomed with open arms, you’ll definitely want to return.

Meditation Classes Geelong

These classes offer increased opportunities for personal growth along with deep feelings of wellness

Lynda Harding, Torquay

There are many meditation centres in Geelong but none quite like this one

Tracey Davies, Belmont