When it comes to Retreats Melbourne has a lot to offer. But when we think about retreats we usually think of getting away, far away from the city and the suburbs to where the tall trees grow, natural beauty surrounds and the birds sing joyfully, perhaps somewhere in the forest.

The retreats I run are in the Otways, these Retreats have everything you’re looking for and more, and its only an hour and a half leisurely drive from Melbourne (shorter from Western suburbs).  The retreats offer Yoga, Meditation, group activities, healing sessions, connection with others, and opportunities for personal growth, and as an added bonus you get to sit back and enjoy Organic vegetarian dishes cooked and prepared fresh on site by Hari Krishna cooks (their food is awesome..!).

The Power of a Retreat

I’ve  been running retreats in the Otways for over 7 years now. And without exception every single one has had many moments of beauty. People are able to be more ‘real’ in the environment of the retreat because of the energy that builds at a retreat such as this.  As the facilitator I  bring a wealth of meditation teacher experience as well as over 10 years as a Spiritual Guide and practicing Psychotherapist.

The Otways retreats attract many people with many different backgrounds and reasons for being there, but who all have similar outlooks and intentions for the weekend. This is a powerful thing. A shared intention of increasing personal wellness and growth sends a Big message to the Universe. ‘We are Here for Deeper connection, understanding of Self and Personal Growth’ and the Universe responds in kind.

When it comes to Retreats Melbourne has many and varied on offer but few offer the range of experiences this retreat offers.  “It’s like an Adventure of the Spirit” said one inspired participant.  Others have used words such as “Amazing”, “Truly Awesome” and “Life-Changing.

Why are people having such profound experiences at these retreats?  Because of one essential element…. Love.

You might think all retreats are similar but nothing could be further from the truth. Many Melbourne retreats may include Yoga and Meditation but miss the element of Love that connects the people at retreat. (You can be spiritual, really spiritual and not have a focus on Love, which means there will be an experience but it will miss the depth of a retreat which has a focus on Love and connection as well as the other elements.  I’ve seen many teachers who are not connecting from Love run retreats and other spiritual workshops).

Retreats Melbourne. These retreats offer personal insight into current life issues. You can step Right in and explore these issues openly and get feedback from your fellow participants, or you can have a quiet inward contemplative retreat where you can be in your own space and reflect quietly.  Every person has a unique experience of retreat.

How much should you pay to attend a retreat ?

Retreats vary greatly in price and what they offer. There are retreats designed to give you a good rest and feel cared for with massages etc.  And there are other retreats based purely on Yoga or Meditation, or Chanting, or silence or healing.

This retreat offers the perfect combination of Yoga, meditation, group work and healings. The mark of a good retreat is whether you feel deeply changed by the experience. This retreat offers just that.

Some retreats cost thousands of dollars to attend.  Others are cheaper. If you are a spiritual person your focus should be on inner growth rather than outter experience. (Outter experiences are great, I have friends who go on holidays every year, then they come back to recreate the same underlying issues they tried to get away from by going on holiday!).

Retreats melbourne and other places can be expensive. I try to keep my retreats affordable so as many people as possible get to experience the retreats. At just $320 per person these retreats represent great value for money. This includes all meals, accommodation, classes and materials.  All you need to bring is an open mind and comfortable clothes.

What to expect from this retreat

The retreats are designed for you to have an experience that will stay with you, having an ongoing positive effect that you will benefit from for the rest of your life.

They are run from the Hari Krishna Valley retreat centre (I am not a Hari Krishna, nor do I teach their doctrine (although perhaps some Retreats Melbourneelements of the retreat reflect some of their approach to life.  I simply hire their venue and facilities and they provide amazing organic vegetarian and vegan food for my participants..! A great partnership).

The retreats are run over a weekend, from Friday 6pm – Sunday 3pm.  They include those elements mentioned including Yoga, Meditation, Group activities and discussions, healings and, some soul awakening moments and many humourous moments along the way.  (Laughter is as good as crying as a to deeply heal the damaged parts of us).

We create a sacred space where participants are encouraged to let their hair down, be themselves and let go of old baggage and conditioning (by allowing those old parts to surface). People often comment on how ‘safe’ the space feels.  The atmosphere of non-judgement and support is palpable. There’s a feeling of ‘we’re in this together’ as we journey through the weekend.

To share a little about myself I have been a student of meditation for over 25 years. I’ve been a meditation teacher for 10 years. I’m a psychotherapist and have spent half my life helping people overcome all sorts of problems. I’ve run retreats such as this for 6 years.  The feedback is normally extremely positive and often transformative.

How to book your retreat

I run 2 retreats each year, one in April and one in November, they are run from the Hari Krishna Valley Retreat centre in the Otways Forest. Retreats Melbourne and Geelong. All you need to do to book your place at the next retreat is to contact me, check out his website for more details, stevetibbits.com.au  or email [email protected]  or call / text him on 0414 586 910.

I’d Love to see who you could become by attending the next retreat.  Why not share with a friend.  I’m based in Geelong, and provide meditation, spiritual guidance and dSkype sessions if required. With Much Love, Steve Tibbits