An adventure of the Spirit, Let Go and find Yourself

Steve runs two amazing retreats every year in the beautiful Otways National Rainforest (usually April and November). The retreats are fully catered with organic vegetarian food prepare by the Hare Krishna chef’s (using produce grown on the property). So you don’t have to lift a finger, it’s all done for you.

The retreats consist of meditations, yoga, group gatherings and activities, and healings, and massages can be arranged on booking.

These weekend’s are uplifting, the space is like a sanctuary, a safe, non-threatening, non-judging space to allow a personal journey to unfold. The barriers of protection we create can fall away as you relax into the weekend.

A Spirit of openness, warmth and Love is palpable as the group moves through the weekend.  Supporting one another through whatever may arrises as the weekend unfolds.  This is a very healing environment, allowing for personal transformations to occur.

The retreat is run from the Hare Krishna Valley Retreat centre, nestled in a Valley in the Otways. The perfect backdrop to a perfect weekend filled with opportunity.  Accommodation consists of cabin style rooms, either 1 or 2 per room depending on retreat numbers (or you can camp on the property if you prefer). The retreat is Fully Catered, vegetarian food, fresh, vibrant, prepared onsite by Hari Krishna’s cooks (the food is next level good.!) (special diets can be catered for eg. vegan, gluten free)

Many people return to these retreats again and again because they find they always get so much from participating.

Steve has dedicated  his life to helping others reach high levels of wellness. He has facilitated over 12 retreats now. Each one different to the last, the energies of those attending guiding the direction of each retreat. “{Profound things happen when a group of people come together like this with an attitude of openness and growth. powerful things, transformations and awakenings are possible for every person present” – Steve.

Steve runs 2 retreats each year, late March and late November. If you’re ready for a truly unique retreat experience, connection, warmth, growth then  get on board, spaces fill up fast and we don’t want you to miss out.

Warm regards, Steve Tibbits

*Installment options available to suit every budget.

Wellness Retreats
Wellness Retreats - 2
Wellness Retreats - 2

It was a beautiful thing. Thank you for allowing me, without judgment, to express myself through laughter, tears and movement as we journeyed through the fear, the pain and ultimately into love and joy

Jo Oldaker, Torquay

I have never experienced silence as this before, so full of life, so still, whole, rewarding. No need to be anyone I am not, just being is so joyful! Difficult to explain this state to anyone who has not experienced it before. This retreat will take you there. 😉

Ilana Gorovoy, Melbourne

FANTASTIC, AWESOME, INSPIRING three words that totally yet inadequately describe this weekend of unconditional love, sharing and caring.

Trish Holley, Warnambool