Weekend retreats to empower and transform

“These retreats are simply amazing”,  “Life changing”,   “Awesome”,   “Beyond my expectation” – just a few samples of the feedback we receive.

For females this is a place to truly surrender into a non-threatening, and non-judging environment, where letting go and connection can happen in a safe space, and at very deep levels.

For males its transformational, males rarely experience this kind of energy in a group setting, it’s a unique opportunity to go deeper and get more real. In this space walls drop away and vulnerability happens.  “It’s a beautiful thing to witness males become so soft, so vulnerable” – Tracey Davies.

These retreats are fully catered with organic vegetarian food lovingly prepared by Hare Krishna chefs.  It’s all done for you, so you don’t have to lift a finger !

Some of what to expect;

~ Meditations (guided and non-guided)
~ Yoga classes (1 each morning, not compulsory to attend)
~ Group gatherings to connect and open
~ Activities to help you break through old limitations
~ Energy Healing’s (no experience required, guidance is provided if needed)
~ Sound Bath (at most retreats)
~ Fantastic like-minded company
~ Amazing Food
~ Great Accommodation
~ Surrounded in beautiful Otway Forest

These retreats are more than uplifting, with a Spirit of openness you’ll journey through a weekend of unexpected surprises.  The location becomes your sanctuary, where your personal journey can unfold.  The non-judgmental accepting space creates an opportunity for usual ego barriers to fall away and incredible freedom in letting go can occur.

We will support one another through whatever arises.  Personal transformations are always a part of the unfolding.

Many people return to these retreats again and again because of the depth of the experiences and the unique growth potential they provide.

Your facilitator, Steve Tibbits, has dedicated his life to helping others reach their highest potential. He is an experienced meditation teacher, personal/spiritual guide and Therapist, he has facilitated many of these retreats over the past 16 years. Steve practices deep meditation and Qi Gong daily and chooses a lifestyle that can facilitate deep change in others.  Especially those attending weekends such as this one.

“When a group of people come together like this in a Spirit of openness, letting go and personal development, profound experiences happen. Empowerment, Transformation and Awakenings are possible for every person attending ” – Steve Tibbits, is the manager of Elements Yoga Studio, is also a Psychotherapist, Meditation Teacher and Facilitator of The Otways Retreats.

Cost is only $425 per person (early bird price, up to 31st August) then just $495 for this incredible weekend.
(payment instalments are available by clicking link below)
*And Peace of mind with a full refund for any covid related cancellation.

Next Retreat is booking now, weekend of 26th, 27th, 28th Nov 2021

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Wellness Retreats
Wellness Retreats - 2
Wellness Retreats - 2

It was a beautiful thing. Thank you for allowing me, without judgment, to express myself through laughter, tears and movement as we journeyed through the fear, the pain and ultimately into love and joy

Jo Oldaker, Torquay

I have never experienced silence as this before, so full of life, so still, whole, rewarding. No need to be anyone I am not, just being is so joyful! Difficult to explain this state to anyone who has not experienced it before. This retreat will take you there. 😉

Ilana Gorovoy, Melbourne

FANTASTIC, AWESOME, INSPIRING three words that totally yet inadequately describe this weekend of unconditional love, sharing and caring.

Trish Holley, Warnambool