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Psychotherapy for issues

Psychotherapy for issues

As a therapist I use Psychotherapy for issues with clients…

NEWSFLASH….. Therapy works better than alcohol for dealing with issues

Yes, you heard it correctly! Who woulda thought that there is a better way to deal with stress, anxiety (fear), depression, nervousness, relationship issues (and the list goes on). Who woulda thought my old mate...

Quit Smoking in Geelong

If you’re ready to quit then the most effective way for long term freedom is Hypnotherapy. Smoking is a drug of dependence, sure it doesn’t have the same extreme withdrawal symptoms as other heavier drugs but there are still withdrawal symptoms if...

Rescuing the Female

My work as a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist here in Geelong is largely around rescuing the disempowered female. Let me explain. There are so many women out there who have given their power away in some way to others in their lives. Usually it’s to an external male.