People displaying symptoms of Anxiety and Depression are the vast majority of people I see as a Hypnotherapist. Hypnosis for Depression and Anxiety is a very powerful tool. These illnesses are in almost epidemic proportions in today’s society and this has been a large focus of my work over many years.
The way I treat Depression and Anxiety are different for every person depending on many factors including the length of time they have had problems and to what degree they’ve had the illness.
With the use of Hypnosis Depression and Anxiety can be greatly reduced in clients I see and in some cases the symptoms of Depression or Anxiety can be completely diminished without the use of medication.

Hypnosis for Anxiety

Anxiety is fear, relating to some inner or outer real or perceived threat. It might surprise you that most causes of anxiety are born of fear of judgment in some form. Or fear of not being good enough in some way. Most of us are attempting to meet the outside world’s expectations of us. In reality and surprising to many is that the fear is actually generated from within. The Enemy is Within. The enemy is the inner judge.
Some people don’t know the reason for their anxiety. The causes of most Anxiety can usually be found in childhood. One of the first questions I ask a client who comes in to work on anxiety is about their childhood and their relationship with both parents. We usually find that one or both parents sent a message, sometimes not detectable by usual perception, that the person / child was not good enough in some way. The parent, often unknowingly creates tension and fear in the child.

Many parents believed they were doing the right thing. “It was for his own good”, “If I didn’t show him I was disappointed he’d keep getting mediocre marks at school”, some even want to make up for their own lack “I didn’t do any good at school so I wanted him to do well”.
So we get praised for being a ‘good’ boy or girl and get shown disappointment and maybe even anger if we don’t meet our parent’s expectations of us. This sets children up for feeling not good enough for just being themselves.

With the use of Hypnosis we can go deep into the part that holds the anxiety and connect with that part in a way that most therapeutic styles simply are unable to. Once we connect with the part we can start to understand it. One client recently came for therapy, he had a needy part that would get anxious when his partner didn’t show him affection or remind him she loved him. This was born of a mother who couldn’t (through no fault of her own) Love him the way he would have liked to be loved. The anxiety was around Not Being Loved (which was not true but was a belief held by the little boy within).
There is a hypnotherapy technique that helped this person, called re-parenting. (we do not become angry with or blame the mother, she did her best and we love our Mum. We are simply adjusting something in our inner world, making an improvement, something Mum would support I’m sure).
With this technique we can go in deep and start to feel the little boy who holds the anxiety generated by the belief that he is not loved. We can then bring a new mother into the inner world scene, a female we have looked up to or admired in some way. This new mother is a deeply loving presence in the child’s life. We can repeat some key words such as ‘You are Loved’. This can change our own self perception on the deepest of levels.
There are many techniques to help a person overcome anxiety, a good hypnotherapist would have a variety of techniques at his/her disposal to deal with particular issues of Anxiety. Regression (taking a person back in time) and parts (identifying the ego part that holds the fear) are the 2 techniques I use the most in my work as a hypnotherapist.

Hypnosis for Depression and Anxiety is fast becoming known as one of the most successful, non invasive, non-medication, natural therapies for a good reason. Because it works.

Hypnosis for DepressionDepression laeds to hopelessness

If we look at Depression we can see a similar process. There are always reasons for depression. The reason can go back as far as the womb, or even to a past existence (called a past life memory). I’ve had some fascinating cases where current life depression comes from a past life experience.
Past life regression can often lead a person into a memory that did not happen in this lifetime but is clear and real, with real memories and real emotions associated with those memories.

This type of therapy is very specialized and can lead to significant reductions in anxiety for the person experiencing the memory. One client who had been diagnosed with depression was led into a past life and we discovered she had been a slave in a past life. She bought that experience into this life with her, she still felt like a slave and would dedicate herself to serving others, at first it was her mother, then her husband and children. In this case we went back to that past life and free’d the person from slavery in that lifetime (using the mind, intention and visualization is very powerful for changing memories which are held in the subconscious). Once she did this we imagined all the people close to her in this lifetime and told them that she would no longer be their slave (not that they had asked for it or insist on it, but the visualization is important for taking her power back).
Depression is basically focusing on something we perceive as being lost. A family member, a girlfriend, a job, a marriage, financial status, self esteem, respect, love, an earlier time in life when we were happy etc. When we focus on loss we eventually become depressed. Using Hypnosis we can help a person firstly identify what they believe they have lost (sometimes they don’t know or can’t remember), then we can help them move from loss to acceptance and taking responsibility.

Eg. Someone can become addicted to gambling and loses everything that was important to them often won’t see that it was their behaviour that lead to the loss, often they will see it as bad luck. With hypnosis we can take them back to the time when the addiction first began to become an issue, and we can take them ‘into’ that ‘addict’ part and dismantle his influence by awareness and a technique called ‘de-energising the archetype’. Very powerful, very effective.

So in finishing we can start to get a sense that hypnosis for anxiety and depression is a very powerful form of therapy because it can get to the deeper underlying causes of anxiety and depression.

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