Yes, you heard it correctly..!

Who woulda thought that there is a better way to deal with stress, anxiety (fear), depression, nervousness, relationship issues (and the list goes on).

Who woulda thought my old mate Johno was wrong when he said “stop worrying about it, have a few beers and get over it”. (I always wondered why he’d keep coming back to the same issues over and over).

My dad seemed to have the same philosophy, he would come home from work and have a few beers, and on the weekends he would have a LOT of beers.

How many people do you know who use wine to unwind at the end of a stressful week ? How many people do you know are toxifying themselves with alcohol in an attempt to cope or not feel the issues that keep coming up in their lives.

And how money hundreds do we spend on alcohol to numb ourselves. Yet we scoff at the thought of paying $80 or $90 on a therapy session.

Well, the good news is scientific study has shown (I’m just making that up, but some people need to hear that !) that alcohol does not cure issues…!

And some people take it to the next level and reach for valium or some other strong issue (pain) suppressant.

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