I’ve been working in the field of helping people overcome Depression and Anxiety for over 10 years and in my experience there has been a significant increase in people arriving in my office suffering from symptoms of both Depression and Anxiety.  And a Psychologist for Depression and Anxiety may not be the best way to go.

This has led me to look for more and more creative ways to help people.  My speciality is to use psychotherapy and/or hypnotherapy to help people with Depression or Anxiety, rather than seek a psychologist for Depression and Anxiety.

So if you’re looking for a psychologist for Depression and Anxiety you may be searching in the wrong direction. Psychology is the ‘go to’ modality for Depression and Anxiety, and has been for years.  And although Psychology can be successful for treating Depression and Anxiety there are, in my opinion other more successful and more natural treatments available.

Geelong has a great wealth of psychologists (most larger towns do) but the therapy that has more success than all others in treating Anxiety and Depression in my opinion and experience is Psychotherapy.

The direct experience is a powerful tool

My early experiences of life were filled with experiences of Depression and Anxiety.  By the age of 5 I was experiencing symptoms of anxiety…!  (I remember being in my bedroom, around 5 years old experiencing anxiety-fear).  By the time I turned 14 I was smoking marijuana as part of an attempt to supress the symptoms of Anxiety and Depression.  I would try anything to ‘get away’ from the feelings or experience of anxiety and the accompanying depressing thought forms about myself.  It took a long time before I finally worked out that drug taking and alcohol abuse were only masking the issues, and ultimately making things worse. By then it was almost too late.

So there I was, 25 years old, suffering from Depression and Anxiety, I was living in Geelong and sought out a number of psychologists for Depression and Anxiety.   Therapists who came with very good reputations.  I also read books, visited counsellors, a psychiatrist (wow, what an experience that was, I reckon I knew more about the human mind than he did), I became a Reiki Masters, studied pranic healing, got a counselling diploma, studied hypnotherapy, visited a crystal healer, joined meditation groups, attended chanting groups, all to no real avail.

So what seems to be the answer ?

When looking for a psychologist for Depression and Anxiety in Geelong there are many options. As there are with other therapists. But for me there was a life changing moment.  It was when I visited with a Hypnotherapist who was also a Psychotherapist.  It was in that first session with this man that I realised there was a form of therapy that incorporated all the subconscious aspects, the spiritual aspects as well as the mind and emotional experience that could lead me out of the darkness.

I worked with this man, Wayne Linton www.waynelinton.com for many years. He led me out of the darkness and back into the light.

It took me many years to overcome Depression and Anxiety via natural means.  But it was worth it.  For me medication was not an option (I’d used alcohol and other drugs to ‘manage’ and did not want to put any mind or mood altering drugs back in my system).

Seeking a Psychologist for Depression and Anxiety in Geelong was easy. Finding one who would help me without trying to prescribe medication was more difficult.  Once I’d experienced this combination of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy I knew it was what I would study in my own personal journey of wellness and to bring this to others seeking alternative ways to become well without medication.

Psychology, Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Psychiatry, Psychotherapy?

There are so many options out there, it gets confusing when we just want to find something that works.  Often people wait years longer than they need to simply because they are not sure what sort of therapist they need.  And often people go to a therapist for years only to find that progress is slow or medication seems to be the main tool in ‘managing’ the symptoms.

I recall a time in my life when one particular psychiatrist told me I had bi-polar.  I was shocked and told him I didn’t believe he was diagnosing correctly (ever told a psychiatrist he wasn’t diagnosing correctly ?  it doesn’t go down well).  This particular therapist was adamant that I had the condition, and this particular patient was adamant I didn’t.  He prescribed a particular medication, and I declined the offer.  He told me that if I didn’t take medication I would have a major relapse and would be feeling more depressed than ever.  I never took the medication, the relapse he predicted never eventuated.

My own studies have found that (by far) the most beneficial therapy for Depression and Anxiety is a combination of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy.

Modalities such as psychiatry, psychology and counselling work with the conscious mind alone.  Whereas Hypnotherapy or Psychotherapy are able to get to the subconscious issues that cause the experience and symptoms of Depression and Anxiety.

Once the cause of the Depression and/or Anxiety are understood there can be great relief for the client.  Reason is a powerful thing, enabling great change to come from adversity.

Life without medication ?

When you are told by a doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist that you have some modern day disease of the mind and told you will need to have medication for the rest of your life it’s a real game changer.  And for so many people there is no other choice other than to accept the diagnosis of a so called professional or expert in the field. And take on the label that’s been given.

I’ve helped many people have a change of mind and attitude over the years. Many clients have walked through my door with disturbing stories about their experiences of life on medication.  I’ve spoken to people who, after many years decided to challenge a diagnosis that didn’t feel quite right for them in the first place.

Many of these people are able to come off medication in a supported and monitored way.  I work with the clients own experience of the disease and when the person feels ready I’m able to support them through the journey of detoxing.

It’s a freeing experience to be able to come off medication, medication that was supposed to be taken for a long long time.  It can make the person feel better initially, but often all the medication does is ‘dull’ the person down, or limit the scale of emotion (suppressing the higher feelings as well as the low).

Getting off medication with the help of a skilled Psychotherapist enables the person to ‘feel’ once again. This means the person can start to work through their feelings to become really well.

Real Clients share their experience

I have hundreds of testimonials from clients who have had really positive experiences after attending sessions with me. This is because they can start to have understanding of the symptoms and gain some control of their lives again (something that has often been missing for years through overwhelming symptoms of Depression and Anxiety or medication.  Many have been seeing a psychologist for depression and anxiety with limited effects.

So if you are suffering from Depression and/or Anxiety my advice is clearly to bypass any therapist or form of therapy who works with the conscious mind alone. And seek out a therapist who works with the subconscious (as well as conscious mind).

A good Hypnotherapist who also does Psychotherapy is the way to go. Search locally, or further afield to find the right therapist for you.  I provide Skype sessions if you would like to experience a session with myself.

The key to unlocking wellness

It’s all in your subconscious. Seeking a psychologist for depression and anxiety would not be the best option from this perspective. The ice-berg is large, the conscious mind contains only a small percentage of what makes you tick.  Belief systems, self-judgement, low self esteem, all exist within a subconscious mind that is impossible to get to without the correct techniques and training.

Thanks for reading this post. If you are experiencing Depression or Anxiety I encourage you to continue your search for wellness.  I’m living proof that you can get through the challenges, you can do this without medication but please seek the help of an experienced therapist with a good reputation. A Psychotherapist, or a Hypnotherapist, or preferably both in the one therapist.

I look forward to hearing from you and am available for sessions. I work in Geelong but provide Skype sessions.  We would usually we’ll find out what the issue is in the first session. And may only need a few more following to bring about really deep and lasting wellness.  I will always do my best to bring about the best outcome in the shortest possible time.