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Best Hypnotherapy in Geelong
It’s the question that can save you time and money…. where can I find the Best Hypnotherapy in Geelong.?   I’m a Hypnotherapist myself so I think I can help you find the answer.  Let me share a little background.  I didn’t arrive as a hypnotherapist via the usual pathways.  I
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Psychotherapy for weight loss
When working with people who want to lose weight I’m always aware of a deeper issue involved.  At some point we will normally do some work with the subconscious. Think about it, If it was up to the conscious mind alone it would be easy to lose weight because so
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Relationship Therapy
It’s always fascinated me how so many people have relationship issues but don’t seek the advice of a professional.  In my world it’s like having an oil leak in the car and not taking it to a mechanic, we can put up with the leak but eventually the car will
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Hypnotherapy for lasting change
Hypnotherapy is associated with quit smoking and weight loss but is also a therapy that can help with other problems and issues.  Using Hypnotherapy for lasting change makes sense because true change comes from working with the subconscious and changing old conditioned behaviours and beliefs. There is no better therapy
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Retreats, Geelong
When it comes to Retreats, Geelong has a few good ones on offer. But in my opinion there is one that outshines them all.  I am biased of course, this retreat is run by yours truly and has many elements that I look for in a retreat, such as meditation,
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Psychotherapy for issues
As a therapist I use Psychotherapy for issues with clients more than any other modality I’ve trained in. The reason I became a psychotherapist is simple.  I had issues..! and needed help, so I researched and tried different things to find what helped, and adfter researching and experiencing the merits of other
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Retreats Melbourne
When it comes to Retreats Melbourne has a lot to offer. But when we think about retreats we usually think of getting away, far away from the city and the suburbs to where the tall trees grow, natural beauty surrounds and the birds sing joyfully, perhaps somewhere in the forest.
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The benefits of meditation
When writing about the benefits of meditation we look at several aspects.  In this article I’m going to share the benefits I have discovered over my 30 years of meditation practice. I first discovered meditation in my early 20’s.  At that time I was using drugs and alcohol as a coping
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Psychotherapy for depression
Depression has become one of the most common illnesses in society in modern times.  Around 50% of people experience some form depression in their lifetime. The condition known as depression varies from a mild versions of sadness that last short term to a serious and debilitating mental illness which only
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