When I was suffering Anxiety I began a search to not only alleviate the symptoms but to overcome them.  Anyone who has suffered Anxiety knows the sickening, knot in the stomach, tension and gripping fear that can take hold in the midst of daily life. When it comes to dealing with Anxiety there is a therapy that are far more effective than others.  And it’s not the well-known therapies such as psychology, or psychiatry, or counselling. Psychotherapy for Anxiety is the best for dealing with all manner of anxiety disorders.

I’d like to share my own experience with you because it can help you find the way to wellness as I did. When I suffered from Anxiety I was living in Geelong and I trod the usual well-worn path of doctors, counsellors, psychologists, a psychiatrist. I even tried reiki healers and crystal healers, I learnt meditation, did yoga and read all the self-help and spiritual books. The only thing I didn’t try was medication, and I’m glad I didn’t.

Read on to find out how I overcame Anxiety in Geelong. Psychotherapy for Anxiety in Geelong and elsewhere. The problem with counselling, psychology and psychiatry is that they work primarily with the conscious mind. There is nothing wrong with this except that working in this way with people suffering from Anxiety has a very limited ability to really help them overcome the Anxiety.   In my experience Psychology, psychiatry and counselling are limited because they (generally) work with the conscious mind alone. Meanwhile the cause of the anxiety is most often hidden in the subconscious.  The conscious mind ‘doesn’t know’ what the problem is, and the therapist who doesn’t work with the subconscious often can’t find what the problem is. The therapist who works only with conscious mind can usually only guess at what the problem is so the answer is often to turn to medication to help the person by suppressing thoughts or feelings.

My healing journey led me to many places, one catapulted me into wellness

My own experience is an example of how wrong so called professionals can get things.  When I was 24 years old I lost a best friend in a car accident. She was 21.  I (understandably) went through a rollercoaster of emotions. And at the height of one of these fluxuations I was talked into seeing a psychiatrist. At this session this so called professional hardly looked at me the whole time, he seemed distracted and had his head in some book in front of him. As if he was learning as he went. Finally he looked up and said something like “you have Bi Polar”.  I was shocked with his diagnosis, and I did not agree, saying that I was having a very emotional roller coaster at the moment but that I felt very confident that I would get back on track. He didn’t agree with me, he diagnosed Bi Polar and recommended I begin taking a course of medication. Out of curiosity I asked what he felt would happen if I did not take medication.  He was very confident that I would plunge back into a depression and then into manic states.  I thanked him for his advice, left the session and never took a single pill he prescribed. And, I would love to return to him today and let him know that his diagnosis was wrong. The scary part is that so many people, thousands of people every year are given a label and prescribed some form of medication to deal with Anxiety disorders, when in many cases this is completely preventable.

It was 15 years ago that I finally found my own way to healing. A psychotherapist who also had skills as a hypnotherapist and energy healer. From the very first session I knew this person would be able to help me. He took me in deep and showed me that the Anxiety was connected to certain archetypes (parts within me) and that with conscious awareness of these parts I could begin to de-energise / de-nature these parts within.  He showed me that that psychotherapy for Anxiety in Geelong (or anywhere else for that matter) was the way through this, and that I could definitely overcome Anxiety naturally without any form of medication required. Once I began working consciously with the anxiety things began to change rapidly.  He showed me that there was a young boy (inner child archetype) that held a lot of fear and was affecting my adult self…!  With this knowledge I went on to understand this inner child had been a fearful child, afraid of the world.

Every Anxiety is born of a past experiences. We become anxious for different reasons. At first this is subconscious (we can’t see how) until, with the right therapist we can go deep into our subconscious (past) and find the archetypes that hold the Anxiety (fear). Psychotherapy for Anxiety is the most powerful therapy I found. Within a few months of regular sessions I was feeling like a different person, I was starting to empower myself and have experiences free of fear. It was around 3 years after beginning therapy that I decided to dedicate my life to helping others overcome Anxiety using psychotherapy. Since then I’ve become qualified and have helped hundreds of people overcome Anxiety in Geelong, and other places.  (I provide Skype sessions so have a worldwide reach).

Psychotherapy for Anxiety case studies

Since beginning work as a psychotherapist almost 10 years ago I’ve helped hundreds of people find deep and lasting wellness. That’s because psychotherapy for anxiety is so powerful.

‘James’ came in because he had suffered anxiety since he was very young.  He had tried a variety of therapies and medications without lasting satisfaction.  When we went ‘in’ to his inner world he remembered something that he had suppressed for 30 years. A memory of being in his room when his father came home drunk. His father would be in a rage and yelled and threatened his mother. This traumatised James so deeply that in his adult life he’d been intimidated by loud people and/or noises (these things re-traumatised the little boy who held the inner charge).  The memory helped James understand where the Anxiety came from and over a series of sessions we were able to heal that little boy within and the Anxiety reduced considerably.

Another client, ‘Jane’, always felt anxious about her performance at work. She didn’t understand why, until we went in to her inner world. We found that her father had high expectations of her, and when she was young she would bring her school work home and show her dad. He would highlight how she could have done better and if she did poorly in an exam or end of year report he would show his disappointment by withdrawing from her slightly. This withdrawing (disapproval) was devastating for young Jane.  In this case I was able to take her into a technique where she imagines father out there in front of her, and she connects with the little girl’s anxiety as she looks at him. She then imagines as the little girl with her adult standing beside her, and I get the ‘adult’ her to speak to dad, saying things like “I always tried to please you but I can now see that I don’t have to anymore”. This is a very powerful technique that helps her take her power back, the anxiety reduces considerably after a deep experience such as this.

Another client had an abusive ex-partner. This person was always putting her down with comments about her abilities with the children and her thoughts and choices (everything was under the microscope). After many years this wore down a previously confident person so that she was full of anxiety.  It took several sessions to help her. As part of the help we identified where she’d given her power away by allowing him to have the position he did.  Once she began to see that he couldn’t actually hurt her anymore she began to rebuild her confidence and the anxiety began reducing considerably.

The key is the ability to go deep into subconscious, where the issue, and the answer to the issue lies. This is why psychotherapy for anxiety is the way to go. A skilful psychotherapist can help reduce anxiety considerably, and in some cases completely. This is all done naturally without diagnosing anything or medication. So in finishing I’d like to encourage anything who is experiencing Anxiety to consider psychotherapy as a great way to explore the deeper aspects of the issue. A good psychotherapist can help you find the deeper core issue or cause of presenting Anxiety.

Anxiety is a dis-ease, psychotherapy is one integral part of the cure. Other things you can do immediately to have a positive effect on the Anxiety is mindfulness, being consciously aware of the feeling in your tummy or chest or throat and slow down your breath, breath slowly into the affected area. This can have an instant calming effect, and tell yourself “everything is ok, it’s all ok, everything will work out”.

Make a difference for yourself

Other things you can do is make positive changes to your diet (fruit, fruit, fruit, vege’s, salads, nuts, all the natural, good stuff).  Go for a swim at the local pool, start a wellness diary, get a massage, read a book on the subject, do some exercise, lay on the grass and stare at the sky and just breath, might sound crazy but it really helps you relax). But for the most beneficial results sourcing Psychotherapy for Anxiety is the number one thing to do.

If you’d like to have a chat over the phone or via skype or email to assess whether you feel psychotherapy can help you overcome Anxiety let me know and we’ll arrange a chat.  I provide skype sessions or in person consultations.