As a therapist I use Psychotherapy for issues with clients more than any other modality I’ve trained in. The reason I became a psychotherapist is simple.  I had issues..! and needed help, so I researched and tried different things to find what helped, and adfter researching and experiencing the merits of other modalities I found psychotherapy to be the most powerful form of therapy available to help with the deeper life long issues I had been experiencing (such as Anxiety and Depression).

How Psychotherapy differs to other mainstream therapies

psychotherapy for issues

Psychotherapy deals with issues from 2 main ways, firstly from a conscious perspective (I ask the client questions and find out what’s going on for them) and secondly (the more powerful stuff) I take them deeper into the issue and access the subconscious world where the answers to problems can be found.  Most other mainstream forms of therapy involve only conscious ‘mind therapy’ alone, whereas psychotherapy goes deeper into the underlying issues that sit deeper in a persons psyche, the real cause of presenting problems and behaviours.  In short Psychotherapy for issues is the best therapy I’ve found.

When I began my journey as a counsellor in 2007 I quickly realized the limitations of this form of therapy. Talking and strategies are great for some issues but often can’t get to the root cause of the issue (which is not conscious).  Counselling is great for helping people through some current relationship difficulty or clarifying something, or giving a different perspective.  But try helping a person who’s suffered from lifelong anxiety or years of depression with counselling simply doesn’t work, or takes many many years where psychotherapy can take weeks or months (in my experience).I’ve trained in other modalities, counselling and hypnotherapy, I’ve trained in Reiki becoming a Reiki Master in 2007, but for clients with long term issues I’ve found psychotherapy to be the most powerful for dealing with almost every issue I’ve encountered in over 10 years as a therapist.  The psychotherapy enhances and adds to my other modalities.  Eg. When I seeing a couple for relationship counselling at least one of the couple has at least one issue that can be cleared using psychotherapy for issues such as these.

Psychotherapy for issues such low self esteem, anxiety or childhood trauma, grief and loss therapy is the perfect therapy in my opinion, any issues that sit deep in the subconscious, at the Core of all other issues that can’t be gotten to using other modalities.

Whenever we’ve had a negative childhood experience (and who hasn’t) these issues can often manifest later in life as addictions, self destructive behaviours, negative thoughts patterns, anxiety disorders etc. So when we go for therapy if we don’t get to and deal with the underlying issue problem can return in some other form.  Eg.  We stop smoking but find ourselves gambling or eating more (because the underlying self esteem issue that the smoking was dulling down remains as much of a problem as ever).

My interest as a therapist has always been to try to help people clear issues on the deepest levels so that problems are gone for good. I work with people and use psychotherapy for issues regularly in my practice.

How psychotherapy works ?

Psychotherapy works because a skilled and experienced psychotherapist knows how to ‘hold the space’ and take a person into their inner world where all the answers to all issues exist.  I personally spend a lot of time and effort to keep my energy field clear and energised. And through experience I’ve been able to intuitively know where the person needs to go, I’m guided by what they say and know what we need to do, together to help them get through to a different experience of life.

The many years as a therapist have helped me understand the importance of the early childhood experiences. For example, I often see people who recreate their relationship with Mum or Dad in an adult relationship.  eg.  a person comes in frustrated and feeling not listened to, and when we go in on that feeling we often find it leads us to memories of being at home with mum or dad and feeling the very same feelings.

It’s a fascinating thing that our early childhood influences the rest of our lives. We all have inner archetypes, inner children (the early experiences, belief systems, old hurts, not good enough etc.). Psychotherapy is ideal for going back and healing the damage at a subconscious level.

The 2 main techniques I use are Regression therapy (taking the person into their past). This is extremely powerful for helping someone clear an old trauma or distorted perception. The second is called Parts therapy (where I can isolate a particular personality part and work exclusively with that part). Eg. The part that gets agitated when others are late. We’ll usually find that either Mum or Dad had an issue around punctuality and we’ve picked that up.

What makes psychotherapy so effective ?

Psychotherapy for issues

As mentioned Psychotherapy for issues gets to the underlying cause of presenting issues in a faster and more effective way than most other therapies in most cases. The client closes his or her eyes during a session but is completely conscious throughout. The eyes closed helps the person ‘feel’ more and get out of the thinking mind which often gets in the way. This allows the therapist to guide the client deeper into the problem areas and emotional pain. The pain is the doorway to the answer to the issue.

Anxiety and Depression are 2 of the main issues I deal with as a therapist and psychotherapy is the perfect therapy to deal with either.

When I work with with Anxiety issues I’m looking for what caused this.  There is always a reason for anxiety, and an archetype (part) that holds the source of the anxiety. Usually, but not always, this can be found in the childhood experiences. Eg. A father with a drinking problem, busy parents causes a belief of not good enough.

When I work with someone presenting with depression I’m also looking for what caused this. Sometimes it’s simply that a mother or father who was negative or not present. Again once we find the reason we can work with the part that holds the distorted perception (I’m not important) and create a whole new you.

Who can benefit from psychotherapy ?

In my opinion everybody could benefit from having a psychotherapy session (or 3).  Unless you feel amazing ALL the time (you’d be the first one).

To turn to Psychotherapy for issues is in my opinion THE way to go. Everyone is unique. People who come in for psychotherapy are all unique and have unique issues so therapy must be adaptable to meet individual needs.

Psychotherapy helps with issues such as relationship problems, unwanted thought patterns or behaviours, addictions, depression, anxiety, nail biting, weight gain or loss, excessive worry, loss of personal power, low self esteem, almost any presenting issue can be helped using psychotherapy.

If you or anyone you know could benefit from help with any of these issues I’m available. I work from an office in Geelong but also Service Torquay and the surf coast, I also offer skype sessions for national clients or those who can’t get into the office directly.

Look forward to hearing from you if you think psychotherapy can help you.

Steve Tibbits